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June 16, 2021

shuffolks! [browser]

Shuffle folks around and create new shapes to reach heights you could not reach before in the puzzle game Shuffolks! by Kcaze and Shake Onigiri for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021.

June 15, 2021

puzzle sigma [browser]

Play as mathematical operators and build equations in the puzzle game Puzzle Sigma by Jon Topielski, Thoof and Beardy, another creation for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021.

June 14, 2021

a monster's snowball [browser]

Connect the islands to meet the other inhabitant and stick snowballs together to do so, in the puzzlescript puzzler A monster's snowball by Competor, another entry for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

edge case [browser]

Mind and use the edges to reach the exit in each level of the puzzle game Edge Case created by Stuffed Wombat and Brodux for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021.

aqua [browser]

Water all the plants in the short puzzle game aqua created by Matt Ugh and Connor Grail for the 'joined together' themed GMTK game jam 2021.

June 07, 2021

game cafe escape [browser]

Game Cafe Escape is the latest escape the room game by Masa's Games. Can you solve all the puzzles to escape from the game cafe?

headlong hunt [browser]

Play the role of a field biologist as you survey the population of a fearful but very fast animal across 37 icy islands in the puzzlescript puzzler Headlong Hunt by Toombler. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

June 03, 2021

karnalita [browser]

Drink water, grow your stem and even cut your own head in order to reach all the delicious yellow fruits in the puzzle platformer Karnalita by Havana24.

king for a knight [browser]

You're the last of the great knights but you fell into a trap. Get the key and reach the exit in each level of the chess themed puzzler King for a Knight by Chase of Bass.

June 02, 2021

tower of the scorched sea [browser]

Explore an ancient tower and reach the top by solving its many tricky puzzles and avoiding its countless deadly hazards in the latest platformer by Ferociter: Tower of the Scorched Sea, sequel to his Temple of the Four Serpents game.

June 01, 2021

jumphase [browser]

The latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Jumphase, a puzzle platformer where jumping lets you phase in and out of tiles that would otherwise stop you.

blackout [browser]

A witch on the roof of a scary old house? Guide Marilyn as she ventures deeper and deeper into a mysterious house in the middle of the night in the point and click adventure Blackout by Fredrik Edman.

May 27, 2021

conduit [browser]

You don’t remember deciding to come here, but you have a feeling there’s something you want on the lowest level: Conduit, a puzzle platformer by Reheated. In each level there’s a conduit that needs to be connected up in order to open up the barrier to the next level, but it can also act as platforms (and does not have to be connected for this use). Controls: arrow keys to move or extend/retract the conduit when using a panel, z key to start/stop using a panel, r key to restart a level.

May 26, 2021

pink, the browser version [browser]

If you don't own a mobile device on which you could enjoy my latest mobile game, I have now also made a browser version of the game and you can play it here! Or you can just play it anyway ;) Like always this version only has 25 levels compared to the 50 levels of the mobile version (because I dropped levels that weren't suitable for the browser). Enjoy!

imagine [browser]

Search for your missing girlfriend who seems to have disappeared in the paintings of an eccentric artist in the point and click adventure IMAGinE by The Argonauts. Left click to interact, right click to examine, the inventory is on the top edge of the screen. (note: the game takes some time to load and initialize)

May 25, 2021

don't stop corocco [mobile]

Corocco is a rolling stone that can't jump so you'll have to figure out how the clear the way in each stage of the quirky mobile puzzler Don't Stop Corocco by Itach Lab. You can get this free mobile game from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

May 23, 2021

on being undermined. [browser]

A narrative puzzle platformer about pranks: On Being Undermined. by Andrfw.

autumn hike [browser]

A snail goes out for a hike. But it's not that easy. He would need to go deeper than he thought in the adventure game Autumn Hike by Ori Brusilovsky.

May 21, 2021

boxbob [browser]

Bob is hired to push boxes. Help him on his journey to be the best at his job in the sokoban-style puzzler BoxBob by Carlos Pedroso. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

May 20, 2021

samorost 1 [mobile, download]

Amanita Design just re-released their classic point and click adventure from 2003 for mobile and desktop with remastered sounds, enhanced graphics, and new music: Samorost 1 is available for free from the Apple App store, the Google Play store, Steam or

physics breaking boxes [browser]

Push the boxes on the buttons in this sokoban-style puzzler that plays with recursion: Physics Breaking Boxes by Temulgeh.

May 19, 2021

a webby award for green [news]

Remember my announcement from last month about the Webby Award nomination? Well... I'm extremely proud to announce today that my mobile game green won the prestigious award! Green is the People's Voice Winner in the category Games (Puzzle and Trivia)! The Webby Awards (often called the Oscars of the Internet) are yearly awards for excellence on the Internet with hallmark 5-word acceptance speeches. Since the event was virtual this year (pandemic you know) you can watch my 5-word acceptance speech movie here. True to the game, my 5-word speech is a puzzle too ;) Can you decipher it? Thank you 💚

May 17, 2021

cats n wires [browser]

One peaceful afternoon all of your 20 cats disappeared. Can you get them all back in the puzzle platformer Cats n Wires by Kultisti?

May 15, 2021

the two met [browser]

Click the mouse button to move forward in the puzzle game The two met by Karvan, where a cat is about to meet someone.

May 12, 2021

laser push [browser]

The latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Laser Push, push laser blocks and direct the lasers into switches that open the exit path in each level.

May 10, 2021

escape game mini [browser]

A short escape the room game for a pleasant start of your week: Escape game mini by 100 years old.

furniture science [browser]

Relocate all furniture to the marked locations using future science in the puzzlescript puzzler Furniture Science by Vexorian. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

mimic [browser]

Kotorinosu have now released their last mobile escape room game for the browser too: Mimic. For some reason you are trapped in a mysterious room with a large window, can you escape?

May 03, 2021

the bart bonte collection is out [news]

Friends of bontegames, today is the day: The Bart Bonte collection is out !! During the years I have made lots of Flash browser games like Factory Balls, Sugar Sugar, Me and the Key, Farafalla, Duck, Full Moon, Klikwerk, and so on, and so on. The Flash browser plugin however is dead since the beginning of this year, so these browser games are no longer playable but I have been very busy creating something special to cherish on your pc:

The Bart Bonte collection, a collection of 28 of my Flash games carefully packaged and remastered for you, all accessible from a menu loaded with achievements, playable on the big screen of your pc !!

You can purchase "The Bart Bonte collection" now on Steam or Itchio:

The Bart Bonte collection on Steam
The Bart Bonte collection on

There's a 30% discount during this launch week ! Enjoy this massive collection of 28 games !!

May 01, 2021

below the ocean [browser]

Explore the deepest of the ocean and find the treasures from your father's stories in the atmospheric platformer Below The Ocean by Ismael Rodriguez, another entry for the 'deeper and deeper' themed Ludum Dare 48 game jam.

ms paint escapers 0 [browser]

Oh no, you've been locked inside of a room escape! Can you escape from MS Paint Escapers 0 by colorbomb?

April 30, 2021

rainbow renovation [browser]

King Aurum's caste is a bit dull, it's your job to repaint the floor to make it livelier in the puzzlescript puzzler Rainbow Renovation by DiamondKnight. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

sisao [browser]

After walking 20 days in the desert you finally see water but is it an oasis or a mirage? Find out in the puzzle platformer Sisao by Havana24.

April 28, 2021

chthonic brilliance [browser]

Dig through blocks and collect all the gems to make your way through the 20 levels of the puzzle game Chthonic Brilliance by Cassowary, another entry for the 'deeper and deeper' themed Ludum Dare 48 game jam.

April 27, 2021

improbability engine [browser]

Can you save your spaceship in time in the Escheresque point and click puzzle game improbability engine? Created by Aurel for the 'deeper and deeper' themed Ludum Dare 48 game jam.

April 26, 2021

self reflection [browser]

Look deep within your own soul in the puzzler self reflection by Torcado, and remember sometimes you need to take a step back. Another entry for the 'deeper and deeper' themed Ludum Dare 48 game jam.

ga game me [browser]

Can you complete the game in the game in the game in GA GAME ME? A platformer created by Jezzamon for the 'deeper and deeper' themed 48th Ludum Dare game jam.

April 24, 2021

wizard's way out [browser]

Trapped in a prison, a wizard uses telekinesis to push and pull their way out of the darkness together with newfound friends and return to the surface in the puzzle game Wizard's Way Out by Kikimora Games.

April 22, 2021

green is nominated for a webby award! [news]

A bit of bontegames news: my mobile game green just received a prestigious Webby award nomination in the category Games (Puzzle and Trivia)! There is a jury award but also a public award, so, dear visitor, it would mean a lot to me if you could take a few seconds to cast your vote here: Webby Awards, thank you so much! The voting involves entering your email and creating a password, so you can confirm your vote by email. Thank you so much! Should I win I owe you a photo of me holding that glimmering award :) Cheers!

April 14, 2021

pushing it [browser]

Jack Lance is back with a head-scratching puzzlescipt puzzler: Pushing It. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

April 12, 2021

inner tao [download paid]

Lucas Le Slo is regularly featured here on the blog and today he releases his first commercial game: Inner Tao, a meditative puzzle game where duality fills the whole. You can get this relaxing (and difficult) puzzle game from Steam or

9999 [browser]

After an absense of many years MyGames888 is back in the browser with an escape the room game. Can you solve all the riddles to escape from room 9999?

April 10, 2021

patrick's parabox puzzlescript demake [browser]

A recursive puzzle game about boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes: Patrick's Parabox PuzzleScript demake by Competor. The game is a puzzlescript demake of some levels of the upcoming puzzler Patrick's Parabox by Patrick. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

April 03, 2021

cursed travels: flame of the banshee [browser]

A small town has been cursed by a powerful malevolent force and it's up to one investigator highly experienced with curses, and his scary-looking helper, to put an end to this in the latest game by Ferociter: Cursed Travels: Flame of the Banshee.

April 02, 2021

gravisquare [browser]

The latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Gravisquare, a puzzle platformer where gravity is controlled by different colored sections.

sugar, sugar 3 2021 and sugar, sugar app update [browser, mobile]

The next part of my Flash sugar browser games has been resurrected and converted to html5 thanks to the partnership with Poki. So you can now enjoy sugar, sugar 3 in your browser again! And I have some more sugar, sugar news: I have just updated the mobile sugar, sugar app with another 20 new levels! So make sure to update the app or check it out on the Apple app store or the Google Play store if you do not yet own the game on your mobile device. The new levels give an interesting spin to the game... enjoy!

March 30, 2021

scope [browser]

You find yourself locked in a strange house, in a strange place. Have you got what it takes to escape in the escape the room game Scope by Studio L00K? (warning: progress is not saved when leaving the game)

March 27, 2021

mimic [mobile]

After some years of absence Kotorinosu is back with a brand new escape the room game, this time for mobile only. For some reason you are trapped in a mysterious room with a large window. Can you escape? You can download Mimic from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.


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