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January 31, 2017

mj room [mobile]

'MJ room' is the latest mobile escape the room game by 58works. You're alone in a strange room, now find all the items, solve all the mysteries and escape!
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

January 30, 2017

crimson room [browser oldie]

Crimson room by Toshimitsu Takagi is certainly one of those oldie browser games that was partly responsible for a whole new genre of browser games: the escape the room games. So let's go back to 2004 and that night you drank too much. Remember? Time to escape that crimson colored room! (Note: unfortunately the site of Mr. Takagi is no longer online so when you find the note in the game that tells you to visit the webpage in 2004 you would have found the number '1994' there...)

January 29, 2017

ball bros [browser]

Explore Big Ball's and Little Ball's unique abilities and help them through the maze in the puzzlescript puzzler ball bros by Mark Richardson. Move with the cursor keys and press X or SPACE to switch which ball you control (Z to undo a move or R to restart a level).

January 28, 2017

haos [browser]

Haos by Eric Howard was created for the 'waves' theme global game. You're a blob in a petri-dish-like environment and you need to find out how to pass each level. You control the blob using the cursor keys but you will also need the WASD keys from level 2...

a normal lost phone [mobile paid]

A normal lost phone by Accidental Queens is a mobile game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone you just found. It takes the shape of a narrative investigation: you have to search the phone’s content for clues to solve little puzzle elements and unlock the full story which is told in a very creative way.
Get this paid mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

January 27, 2017

levers [browser oldie]

Time for another browser oldie and this time we're going way back to 2001 when Vectorpark released the wonderful and curious levers. It's up to you to find out how to achieve balance above the ocean and discover all the things the game is hiding.

January 26, 2017

kao fu-sen [browser oldie]

Let's take another trip down browser game memory lane with kao fu-sen by Syongo Maruyama, a surreal point and click game from 2002 about a girl with a balloon losing her head.

puzzle puppers [mobile]

'Puzzle puppers' by Cardboard Keep is free puzzle game for Android about stretching dogs to their food bowls while picking up hams, digging holes and swimming rivers with caution in 80 challenging levels. Now who's a good boy? You are! Yes you are!
Download this free mobile puzzle game from the Google play store.

snakisms [browser]

Snakisms is the latest Pippin Barr creation, it's philosophy made out of Snake games featuring lots of isms and lots of Snakes.

January 25, 2017

c-square [mobile]

C-square is the latest free mobile puzzle game by Amidos. Drag the tiles from the bottom of the screen to the correct spot on the grid to get a unified color.
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

samorost [browser oldie]

When posting oldie browser games it's of course impossible to not feature this classic point and click adventure from 2003: samorost by Amanita Design. The object of this surreal game is to avert a collision between the home planet of the gnome and a large incoming spaceship.

January 24, 2017

mine of sight [browser]

What if Minesweeper had more than one type of clue? Well then you get the puzzler mine of sight by ZBlip. Dig and flag all the mines by deduction using all the clues.

monkey happy stage 49, 50, 51, 52 [browser]

There is no stopping Robin Vencel and his monkeys. Time to make that monkey go happy again with 4 new mini monkey games: enjoy monkey happy stage 49, stage 50, stage 51 and stage 52.

January 23, 2017

puzzlehz [browser]

A small puzzle game created for the 'waves' theme global game that was held during the weekend: puzzlehz by Maciej Targoni. Adjust the waves to match the waveforms on the oscilloscope.

January 20, 2017

treasure box [browser oldie]

Time for another browser oldie: treasure box by Nanahiro Wada from 2004. Once upon a time there was a king who had all the power and wealth. Before he passed away he had hidden his treasure and sealed it with mysterious power. Can you find the treasure in this point and click game?

goo bouncing [browser]

A one button puzzle platformer where you control an endless army of slimes, stick to the walls and ground and make them bounce of each other to beat level: goo bouncing by FancyHat.

January 19, 2017

chasm [browser oldie]

The number of new interesting browser games might be smaller than it used to be, that's why I also started posting about mobile and downloadable games. But today I would like to introduce again something new here: browser oldies! I started posting new browser games here on in 2007 but what about all those browser games that were made before that? Well, I will start posting about those forgotten oldies but goodies here too! As a first oldie, enjoy this nice point and click adventure chasm from 2002 by Transience. Can you fix the problem of Chasmton's water supply?

zip zap [mobile paid]

Touch to contract and release to let go, those are the only interactions you will need to bring the clumsy mechanical beings home in the mobile game zip zap by Philipp Stollenmayer. The game is a paid mobile game, but if you enjoy a good physics puzzler, you will definitely enjoy the over 100 levels of this puzzle game.
Get this paid mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

January 17, 2017

stage floor assembler [browser]

If you enjoy a tough puzzle, you will definitely enjoy the puzzlescript puzzler stage floor assembler by Jonathan Fuchs. Can you assemble all the pieces in 10 levels (and 5 bonus levels)? (cursor keys to move, z to undo a move and r to restart a level)

stair quest: special edition [download]

Have you got what it takes to climb the many many stairs of the downloadable retro adventure game stair quest: special edition by Decaffeinated Jedi? Find out in this twisted game that pays homage to the most enchanting pulse-pounding moments from the early King's Quest games... Oh and don't forget to save, often, because you will fall off the stairs, often...
You can download it for Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

January 16, 2017

tisic izieb [browser]

Tisic izieb is a short puzzle game by Jan Ilavsky where you push and pull furniture with your telekinesis skills to reach the exit of the room. Click to move, click under your character to push furniture away and click under furniture to pull it towards you.

January 12, 2017

light puzzles [browser]

Move the mirrors to reflect the light beams and hit all the transparent spheres in the puzzle game light puzzles by Gamux.

January 10, 2017

bichrome [browser]

Get the blue character to the blue target and the orange character to the orange target in the puzzlescript puzzler bichrome by Nils Jung. (press x or spacebar to switch characters, z to undo a move and r to restart a level).

monkey happy stage 45, 46, 47, 48 [browser]

It's time to make that monkey go happy again because Robin Vencel has made 4 new mini monkey games: enjoy monkey happy stage 45, stage 46, stage 47 and stage 48.

January 06, 2017

levelone [browser]

You really want to get to the second level in the short platformer game levelone by dietzribi but the problem is: the developer didn't make it yet.

where is 2017? [download]

Where is 2017? Well it's hiding somewhere in Mateusz Skutnik's latest game. This time Mateusz didn't release the game in the browser but only as a downloadable game.
You can download it for Windows or Mac OS.
Now that there are less browser games, I might start to post free downloadable Windows/MacOS/Linux games from time to time just like I started posting mobile games recently, but of course the focus of this site will stay on browser games. What do you think?

trader of stories: the big old tree that dreams [browser]

The Rudowki brothers are back with a new point and click adventure game: trader of stories: the big old tree that dreams.

January 05, 2017

hidden my game by mom 2 [mobile]

A happy 2017 from bontegames! Here's my first game recommendation of the year: 'hidden my game by mom 2', a new episode of the wonderfully quirky mobile puzzle game by Hap Inc.
Mom doesn't like you're playing your portable video game so she hid it once more and it's up to you to find it back in each level.
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.


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