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March 22, 2013

the scene of the crime: dream of murder

The scene of the crime: dream of murder is the third episode in the point and click investigation adventure series by Pastel Games.

kids room

A new escape the room exercise by MyGames888: can you escape from kids room?

March 20, 2013

searching for the elephant

He has lost his elephant friend and now his black and white point and click adventure begins: searching for the elephant by FunBunGames.

this is the only level 4

Can this green walrus take on the new levels in the puzzle platformer this is the only level 4 by ArmorGames?

more which?

More circle couples to interact with in order to answer the 20 questions correctly in the puzzler more which? by Yoshio Ishii.

March 19, 2013

liquid 2

Guide all the water drops to the finish using the cursor keys to rotate the playing field in the puzzler liquid 2 by OneGoodGame.

super stock take

Guide the chimp to fetch all the items for the boss in the puzzle platformer super stock take by Nitrome.

March 17, 2013

escape from the quiet room

Tesshi-e is back with another room for you to escape: can you escape from the quiet room? (as always you can switch the language in the opening screen)

March 16, 2013


Draw and connect star points without crossing paths to solve every level in the puzzler adrift by Tack Mobile (note: this is a html5 game, so you'll need a recent browser).

March 12, 2013


A new escape the room challenge by Tateita. To escape you will definitely need a ladder.

March 10, 2013

robot phone home

Help a robot explore a deserted planet and find its way home in the platformer robot phone home by Thomas Hourdel.

grow maze

Eyezmaze is back with a new addition to his ever growing collection of grow games: grow maze.

March 07, 2013

crack the safe

Crack the safe 10 times and find all 10 gems to escape in this game by James Young. (Note: you can switch rooms with the arrows on top and sometimes you need to drag items or keep holding down the mouse instead of just clicking...)

agent higgs, revenge of the neutrinos

Agent Higgs is on the run but physicists now know he exists: find him with a bit of scientific particle sliding in the puzzler Agent Higgs, revenge of the neutrinos by TestTubeGames.

March 06, 2013

ugly duckling 10

Another ever so logic but particularly short point and click exercise by Minoto: ugly duckling 10.

March 05, 2013


Navigate the memories of times passed where your only goal is to reach the door to your next thought in the clever platformer within by Nicolas Lesec.

escape snowy mountain

Your place crashed on top of Snowy Mountain, can you figure out how to escape in the latest game by Selfdefiant?


Stan is lonely and tired of being the only robot around and sets out on a mission to find a friend in the platformer Hubris by KrangGames.

March 02, 2013

"sugar, sugar" now also for amazon kindle

While I'm working on a new web game (yes yes!) and a new mobile game, here's a little bit of bontegames news: Next to the iOS and Android versions, "sugar, sugar" is from today on also available in the Amazon appstore to sweeten your Kindle devices! Soooo, are there any more devices you want to see sugar on?

March 01, 2013

ms. vision by proxy

Ms. Vision by Proxy's eyeball is too sensitive so she must use the eyes of humans to explore the world around her. Which eye she uses affects what she sees and where she's able to go in this game by Giraffasaurus.


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