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November 23, 2021

cataractae [browser]

One hero is chosen to make their journey to deliver the Purifying Gem to the shrine high above. A long and dangerous journey, but unavoidable to save the lands: Cataractae, the latest metroidvania-style platformer by Ferociter.


Riiick said...

Another brilliant platformer from Ferociter!

Anonymous said...

about as fun as ball in a cup

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved it ❤️ these are my favorite type of platformers!

Anonymous said...

I would have liked this more if it hadn't suddenly gotten much harder after you get the ability to use the water to charge the gem... too much of a struggle to get from one waterfall to another. My arm started to hurt! I'm giving up.

Anonymous said...

I got near the end, after the keys, to the room full of powerups and 3 keys with the giant rotating black arm. Then I just rage quit.

Anonymous said...

Fark this. This is a hardcore precision platformer. There's a reason they get their own category on Steam.

It was ok up until the needing to get the keys, but from there on it's just not fun.

Well, at least for those of us who come to this site for great puzzles and story/adventure driven games

JohnReese said...

I have enjoyed and finished all other Ferociter games until this one, but when it gets to the keys part it is too much for me. I tried all 3 paths and they all get too difficult to be worth the time spent.
The mechanics are still brilliantly done though.

Urban Garlic said...

This one is nicely designed, and the controls are reasonably precise, but my hand-eye coordination is just not up to it.

I found a video walkthrough, so I can enjoy some of the artwork at least, and I think I also made the right call.

Anonymous said...

This was lovely. I'm also glad it doesn't give statistics (how long / how many times I died).

Slightly spoiler for technique:

.nwapser nopu trats yletaidemmi uoy fi tuo skrow tontahw dna 'rab gnitator a gnittih ton' ro 'dlom gnivom gnittih tuohtiw maerts a gniretne' rof gnimit eht ,)tib lanif eht yllaicepse dna syek eerht eht gnitteg rof( dne eht sdrawot yllaicepsE

Esptyr said...

autant féroce que sieur férociter.

Anonymous said...

made it! and killed the evil fungus too!

Anonymous said...

spoiler warning.
⠀⠀for one of the secret locations to activate 1 of 2 secret "key". the location is
⠀⠀at the bottom "cave maze" with the right timing you can enter that entrance
⠀⠀above the "grass-color-wall".

⠀⠀for another secret location to activate 2 of 2 secret "key". the location is
⠀⠀in one of the smaller "shacks?" located near the place which you activate the
⠀⠀red dots mid air jump mechanic (different type of "temple?"). you will know you
⠀⠀are in the right smaller "shack?" by finding a small entrance above black void-mold

Anonymous said...

after activating both secret "keys?". it opens the secret door
the door is in a secret corridor: you will notice a small entrance
in the mega "shrine?" at the left wall at the end of completing the "rage quit"
triggering challenge. you will not find this secret corridor easily. it is
high above at the left wall after entering the second door inside the
mega "shrine?".

Anonymous said...

rage quit warning.
⠀⠀after entering the secret room. the secret room's challenge waiting for you
⠀⠀may trigger you to rage quit. you have been warned.

collie said...

Wow, this game is so hard and SOOOOOOO satisfying. I just now got my second "Key", the one with the entrance in the same room you start in. the very last chalange was SOOOOOOOO hard, but when I go it after so many tries over so many days, when I got it, such a huge indorphan hit, like bamb, then finding out there wans;t another one, BAMBY BAM BAM BAMB! super fun so far, I wonder when It'll just get impossible.

Long Peter said...

Nice game,
Flappiebird on steroids.

Now finaly entered the secret room.

Key part one:
If I say it correctly,
At the bottem left, the gave you can enter after some upgrades.

When falling the "cave maze" at the bottom before hitting the floor go right in an opening you can't reach from the floor.

Key part to:
The temple that create rain clouds,
There is an opening in the top of this level.

Directions from the final temple:
Go left, jump down. When seeing clouds keep left.


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