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July 27, 2020

you are now possessed [browser]

You are now possessed by a banjo that dictates most of your moves in this puzzle game by Mati Ernst, Itamar Ernst, Yotam Frid and Guy Maraton, another entry for the 'out of control' themed GMTK game jam 2020.

edna - out of sight, out of control [browser]

Make your way through a castle filled with doors, switches and mirrors by possessing statues within your line of sight in the puzzle platformer Edna - Out of sight, out of control created by Herman Chau for the 'out of control' themed GMTK game jam 2020 (controls: cursor keys to move, Z to possess, X to use levers, R to rewind).

July 24, 2020

losing control [browser]

Control copy and paste your way and help the robot reach the exit in the puzzle game Losing Control by IndieBurg created for the 'out of control' themed GMTK game jam 2020.

cleaning the system [browser]

Can you master the controls of the two-sided pogo stick and reach the end in the platformer Cleaning The System created by Nasheik for the 'out of control' themed GMTK game jam 2020?

July 22, 2020

zombie trapping [browser]

Eyezmaze has fully recovered and is back with a new puzzle game: use traps to catch all the zombies in Zombie Trapping.

venngram [browser]

Find the right way to move, join, and intersect circles in order to satisfy the requirements for each one of the 18 levels of the puzzle game Venngram by Humberto Duarte.

July 21, 2020

tiny golf puzzles [browser]

Get the balls into all the holes in each level of the puzzler Tiny Golf Puzzles by Tom Brinton (controls: X to start and reset a level, cursor keys to move).

July 14, 2020

jiminy [browser]

You are trapped in a dark and moist place. Can you solve all the puzzles to escape in the short escape the room game Jiminy by Guy Unger?

July 06, 2020

show [browser]

Take a seat for the picture, but you will have to figure out how, in the puzzle platformer show by Matt Ugh.


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