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December 18, 2018

the bontegames 2018 top games

This year I have been highlighting again over 200 browser and mobile games by indie devs from all over the world on this blog. And it's a tradition to share with you my favourites at the end of the year. There are two lists this year, a browser games list and a mobile games list! So are you getting excited yet? Well then, fire up your favourite browser, because here is the bontegames 2018 top 10 browser games list!

10. It's just TIC TAC TOE by xmatos
Just a simple game of Tic Tac Toe? Well just don't forget to turn up the sound... (original post)

9. Sparkly rainbow kitty fluff adventure by Sylviefluff
A sparkly adventure of a bouncy kitty on a mission to find secret meowy hearts. (original post)

8. Out of bounds by Cyathea Tree Studio
You will really have to step out of bounds to crack these challenging puzzlescript puzzles. (original post)

7. Crown Dungeon 2 by DrawManEater
Your best friend has been stolen by a vine hiding in a magic dungeon filled with traps and puzzles. (original post)

6. SIGN by Neutral
A quality escape the room challenge provided by Neutral. (original post)

5. Hat Wizard 2 by Tim Commandeur
Hold on to your hat, you will need its magic to outsmart your foes. (original post)

4. P.E. Noire by Picogram
Point and click, get the riff-raff in line because this school's halls are crawling with shady characters. (original post)

3. Islands by Rosden Shadow
Nine islands that form one interconnected puzzle by puzzlescript maestro Rosden Shadow. (original post)

2. Krystine and the children in chains by Jo99
Beautifully crafted point and click adventure in Jo99's unique drawing style. (original post)

1. Flockoban by Lucas Le Slo
A shepherd and his day, it's a beautiful routine, and it inspired this excellent puzzle game by Lucas Le Slo, and it's my personal number 1 browser game of 2018! (original post)

But that's not all, this blog has been covering lots of mobile games too this year, so, hand to phone, here are the bontegames 2018 top 10 mobile games!

10. Eloh by Broken Rules
A chilled out mobile puzzler about feeling the rhythm to find the solution. (original post)

9. Six Match by Aaron Steed
Try to make a match with Mr Swap-With-Coins in this clever take on the match-3 genre. (original post)

8. Supertype by Philipp Stollenmayer
How does a p fall and how much does an r weigh? This physics puzzler has the answers. (original post)

7. Cube Escape: Paradox by Rusty Lake
The surreal cube escape story continues. (original post)

6. Dissembler by Ian MacLarty
A puzzle game about unraveling playful artworks one color at a time. (original post)

5. Scalak by Michal Pwalowski
Match shapes, find patterns and use your spatial awareness to solve these fulfilling puzzles. (original post)

4. Up left out by Maciej Targoni
Just chill and unlock. (original post)

3. Donut County by Ben Esposito
A story-filled physics puzzle game where you play as a hole in the ground. (original post)

2. Chuchel by Amanita Design
Join a hairy hero in a quest to retrieve the most precious cherry. (original post)

1. Twinfold by Kenny Sun
Delve into the duplicity of duplication, this game is Threes! on acid, this game is candy for your brain, this game is my personal number 1 mobile game of 2018! (original post)

And that's it for my personal favourites of 2018. I'm looking forward to read yours in the comments!

In 2018 I maganed to create 2 new games myself: Red and Black (besides updating lots of my older games), and I'm full of exciting new ideas for next year. So I hope to see you all back in 2019! I'm wishing you all a very very happy happy 2019!
This was Bart Bonte digging through this year's browser and mobile games for bontegames dot com! Now I have to play some more Twinfold...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bart! I wish you all the best for 2019 as well!

jj said...

Excellent top as always, love your blog from the beginning Bart!

chisgarabis said...

THX for list

for my, the best is chogue

Anonymous said...

This is a fun one Best downloadable game of 2018 IMO. ; )

palat said...

Yes! Thank you for the list Bart!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort Bart but this list compared to previous years is pretty sad. Hope 2019 brings more artistic endeavors. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

It came out a few days after you posted this list, but my favorite game of 2018 was The Treasure by Kotorinosu.

Wooooooooooooo! said...


(⌒_⌒;)Sabreal said...

(^_^;) wow this is now! I like your game a lot. Sometimes I don't get the obvious but I have enjoyed it a lot so far. I also like some of your choices for mobile games. My new favorite game I don't know which year it came out but I like wordbound a hell of a lot. I'm going to reinstall your game black if I ever finish this game LOL. Thanks for all the fun good luck.

(⌒_⌒;)Sabreal said...


(⌒_⌒;)Sabreal said...

Im afraid its not evident enough to me, the answer, i mean.


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