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June 29, 2010


Redraw each pattern in one mouse move in the straightforward puzzler icosien.

galaxy jumper

Collect all the keys and coins while hopping from one planet to the other in the new Ninja Kiwi action puzzler galaxy jumper.


Hundreds, how many are you worth? A game about patience and persistence by Greg Wohlwend. It's very simple yet so addictive.

June 28, 2010


Madara-kinoko is the latest escape game by Petithima, so let's see if your point and click skills will get you of this one.

black and white

Can you guide black and white home? You control both characters simultaneously and their actions are mirrored.

June 27, 2010

perfect balance 3

Rotate and stack shapes, once more! Try to achieve perfect balance in the physics puzzler perfect balance 3.

June 26, 2010

lunch time

Minoto's point and click diversion for this week is here and it's lunch time.

June 25, 2010

the harry stick journey

Drag and drop the correct objects on the hotspots and help Harry return safely to the real world in The Harry Stick Journey.

max damage 2

This is Max and he likes to break things. Can you help him cause as much damage as possible in the physics puzzler max damage 2?

June 24, 2010

doodle god

In the beginning there was only Doodle God who created the four elements, now can you create all 111 others?

June 23, 2010

easy joe

Easy Joe wants to see the world. Will you help him out?

June 22, 2010

where's my blankie?

Toto loves his blue blankie and he doesn't go anywhere without it, but he keeps on losing it all the time: where's my blankie?

red remover player pack

Remove all the red shapes without losing any green ones, it's red remover player pack by Gaz Thomas.

June 21, 2010

ice cube bear xp

Free more trapped polar bears in the physics puzzler ice cube bear xp, an extra levels pack to the original game.

secret seekers - lost forest

There is said to be a treasure hidden somewhere in the lost forest. Point and click and search in secret seekers - lost forest by Selfdefiant.

June 20, 2010

treasure of big totem 9

The continuation of Federico Rutenberg's big totem point and click adventures: it's treasure of big totem 9.

June 19, 2010


Bring on your escape the room skills, you will need them in choc-mint.

June 18, 2010

crush the castle 2

Crushtania has lots of sturdy castles and they all need to be crushed with the click of a mouse button, it's crush the castle 2 by Joey Betz and Chris Condon.

football association

Minoto's point and click game for this week is here and even Minoto can't escape the worldcup fever: football association.

June 17, 2010

jetstream penguin

Quick! Strap on your helmet! We've got some fish to catch in jetstream penguin.

rotate and roll

Rotate and roll your ball to the bubble to progress in this 40 level physics puzzle.

fault line

Fault line is Nitrome's latest: a platforming puzzler where you'll be folding the screen to reach the exit.

reincarnation: in the name of evil

Reincarnation: in the name of evil is a new episode in the point and click series by Christopher Gianelloni.

June 15, 2010


Loved is an interesting new platformer by Alexander Ocias with different outcomes depending on the answers you give.

the vuvuzela

I made you a worldcup football simulator, here's the vuvuzela. Don't take this 'game' too serious, I made it in a spare half hour ;)

June 12, 2010

kaitai dismantlement hdd

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the harddisk in kaitai dismantlement hdd?

ragdoll canon 3

Fire the ragdolls onto the target to proceed to the next level , it's time for ragdoll canon 3.

June 11, 2010

construction fall

Shoot the ball and make the construction fall, in the physics puzzler construction fall.

lions story

Are you ready for Minoto's point and click game for this week? Here's lions story.

June 10, 2010


A Pale Man of the North seeks to rid a people of a most unusual plague, and inherit a Kingdom in heir by Antony "Shift" Lavelle.

robin hood - a twisted fairytale

Spot the differences and choose the path as you guide Robin Hood down a twisted version of the classic story in Robin Hood - a twisted fairytale.

submachine network exploration experience

Mateusz Skutnik brings us another part in the Submachine point and click saga, enjoy Submachine Network Exploration Experience, but according to Mateusz "this is not a game" ...

June 08, 2010


Can you solve all the riddles that will lead to your escape in akarimado?

fantastic contraption 2

The ever popular physics game is back and better than ever with the latest installment: fantastic contraption 2.

blurst 2

Action packed popping puzzles, it's blurst 2.

June 07, 2010

soccer balls

Soccer balls is a soccer based physics puzzler: annoy the referees by kicking balls at them.

June 05, 2010

heart of tota

You are an adventurer looking for a rare artifact: enjoy Robin Vencel's latest point and click adventure heart of tota.

treasure of big totem 8

Federico Rutenberg's big totem point and click adventures continue in treasure of big totem 8.

June 04, 2010

escape 5: the freezer

Escape 5: the freezer by Shawn Tanner: escape your confinement, and do it quick, after all you're in the freezer.

bird's egg 2

Minoto's point and click game for this week is here: bird's egg 2.

take something literally 2

Take the hints literally and think outside the box, and perhaps you'll be able to solve all 25 puzzles in take something literally 2.

June 03, 2010

king of shapes

Place the objects so that the colored shapes stay above the line for a few seconds, then remove the objects again to make them land in the correct containers in the physics puzzler king of shapes.

yellow room

Do you think you can escape the yellow room? A short new escape the room game.


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