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October 05, 2021

puzzleflix [browser]

Enter the episodes of the most binge-worthy puzzle show: PuzzleFlix, a short puzzle platformer by Tatiana Veratti for Godot Wild Jam #37.


Anonymous said...

What a sad little game.
Glad I can mute the tab.

david said...

i thought it was a great little idea. not sure how much further it could be taken, nicely animated and the controls were slick.

Anonymous said...

That was rather unique - wish it evolved more. Could use like looping and you have to figure out what start and stop clip to use, or incorporate volume controls somehow.

Anonymous said...

Good UI, intriguing concept, would just like to see it fleshed out with more level design

Yu said...

Nice concept, it could work!

PK Levine said...

Cute idea, I appreciated the originality. VERY easy and short though.


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