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November 01, 2021

ccmmyy [browser]

The latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: CCMMYY, three characters of different colors, cyan, magenta, and yellow, never collide with each other, but they can still interact with other combined colors, red, green, blue, and black.


Stevens Miller said...

Looked at the walk-through for Level 7, and it didn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I actually finished! Used the walkthrough for level 17.

Anonymous said...

I had no problems till level 8.
Then it was short a yellow & had 2 reds jammed up.

Long Peter said...

Level 17 and 18 could be switched,
18 explains the mechanic needed in 17.

But even till the last level I didn't remember all the rules.

Long Peter said...



Free the Blue Box by moving Turquoise player over the Red boxes ones.

Blue box goes to Yellow target on the Right.
Yellow box goes to left Yellow target.
Red goes to Purple target.

Squirrel said...

Another great one. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I did what Long Peter said for level 8.
It did not solve the level.

Anonymous said...

Re Level 8 - the blue box needs to go to the purple target. The yellow box goes to the yellow target in the middle. The red box goes to the yellow target on the right.

Hope that helps :-)

Long Peter said...

I do this all the time,
Mixing up colours

Urban Garlic said...

Finally finished this, level 21 was the biggest stumper for me, but I eventually got it. Good game, from a well-liked developer!

Anonymous said...

7 was extremely confusing for me - no idea what the stuff on the right meant. Might have been better as a mechanic if the game forced you to put some boxes on some squares initially, to indicate that it was okay..

Anonymous said...

I like the style of the developer, but this time the rules were still confusing at the end.

Lighty said...
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Lighty said...
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Lighty said...

Some rules were definitely confusing at first. had to write down a colour wheel to make sense of if, although the colour changing pads needing some thinking about.

- Targets can be activated by that colour and the colours either side on the wheel.
- A 'pusher' can push itself and colours either side on the wheel, but pass through any
other colours.
- Colour changers work on RGB or CMY groups, but to transfer between the groups you need to hit a colour either side, or put another way, you can't change to a colour directly opposite.
- black interacts with everything
Sorry about the colour wheel, fighting formatting.

Xexus said...

That was great, There were one or two puzzles where I didn't get which colors matched the targets, but I tohught the firsy few puzzles were instructional. We've all played so many sokuban games that it was sometimes tricky to see that the block you think is in the way really isn't if you use the right color pusher.


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