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July 21, 2019

demon castle [browser]

An evil sorcerer is trying to summon an ancient demon into the world. You are the only one who can travel to the sorcerer’s castle and prevent him from completing the summoning in the platformer Demon Castle by Matthew Watson. (controls: Z or X to start, arrow keys to move, up or down to start climbing stairs, Z to jump and X to attack with your whip)

July 13, 2019

burokku konekuta [browser]

Tidiness rules in burokku konekuta. Connect all the scattered pieces together to regain the harmony within your puzzled mind in the 7 levels of this puzzlescript puzzler by Pedro PSI.

in the room on a rainy day [browser]

Solve all the puzzles to escape from a series of rooms in the latest escaoe the room game by Ichima: In the room on a rainy day.

July 12, 2019

vext edit [browser]

Push everything into place and figure out how to do this in the latest Jack Lance puzzlescript puzzler: VEXT EDIT. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

monkey happy stage 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334 [browser]

The continuation of the monkey happy point and click adventures by Robin Vencel: 3 free stages: monkey happy stage 330, stage 331, stage 333 and 3 extra stages for his patreon supporters: stage 329, stage 332 and stage 334.

July 05, 2019

snowman [browser]

It might not be the weather for it, but Nicolet wants you to solve all the puzzles to escape from a Snowman's house in their latest escape the room game.

July 03, 2019

rgb quest [browser]

Get all the red, green and blue boxes on their target spots in the 18 levels of the challenging puzzlescript puzzler RGB Quest by RGDario Zubovic. (X key to change color selection, Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)

total party kill [mobile]

Control three different heroes and solve tricky puzzles by sacrificing your teammates in the puzzle platformer Total Party Kill by Jussi Simpanen, which started as a small game jame browser game last year but has now been expanded into a full mobile game.
Get this mobile puzzle game from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

July 01, 2019

when the past was around [download]

When the past was around is gorgeous point and click puzzle game that tells a bittersweet tale between a girl and a beast in a surreal world consisting of disjointed rooms from memories and time by Mojiken Studio.
You can download this free game for Windows or Mac OS.


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