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November 15, 2021

tres undos [browser]

A sokoban puzzler with a time traveling twist: Tres Undos by Knexator.


Lighty said...

Bit of a mind-warp mechanic to begin with, but getting used to it. Stuck on 3.2 and 3.5. Maybe a bit of a break and back to it tomorrow will help.

Where do I need to be before I get there, but after I get somewhere else, so that it then turns into the future of the past and the past of the future... or something...

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out the mechanics. in stage 2, I can undo moving myself and the grey head, but not the orange one, and sometimes I can go through the orange one. Beyond that, I have no clue what;s going on.

Bart said...

You have discovered the mechanic of this level: you can undo everything except the movement of the golden head. You will have to use this to solve the level...

Anonymous said...

HALP! 1.6 has stopped me cold. Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm not getting it.

Anonymous said...

in firefox:
somehow i can't exit the verry first level. after placing the last block in place, it let me only move one tile further. the controls seems to freeze.

gave it a try in chrome, no issues

Lighty said...

@Anonymous 03:56, for 1.6 you need to use the grey head to let you move around the lower area first to then position the lower golden head back in the same place as the grey head (undoing will then 'pull' the grey head out of that hole and drop the gold head in). This then lets you walk and push the grey head around the lower area.

You can then use the grey head again to be able to push the gold head into the top left hole.

Undo some more and you can now use the grey head to escape.

Anonymous said...

Stuck on 2.5 - any help?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the help for 1.6 but can someone explain it to me like i'm 5? I can't get this flip correct.

Anonymous said...

the interaction between z and x is a doozy... yeesh

Anonymous said...

made my way out, somehow

Lighty said...

@ Anonymous 19:28

Was trying to be a little vague to prevent too many spoilers but see below for full solution:

Put grey head in bottom hole
move lower gold head to the right then back left so it is over the same hole
Undo (z) so that the gold head drops into the hole
Move grey block down, right and up to fill in the lower of the 3 holes at the top
Move gold head right then up into top left hole
Undo (z) so grey head is in its starting position
Move grey head up and right to fill in top right hole and exit!


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