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December 23, 2014

2014 top 10 web games

It's a tradition here at bontegames to present you my personal top 10 browser games of the year. So from all the free browser games that were released this year here are the ones that I enjoyed playing the most.

Fire up your favourite browser and work your way through the bontegames 2014 top 10 list of free web games:

10. 0h h1 by @MrtnKl
A little logic game with big addictive qualities, sudoku stripped down to the bare essentials. (original post)

9. Flue by @Nitrome
Nitrome displaying their craft of creating clever and engaging puzzles in a limited space. (original post)

8. Nekra Psaria by @Drawmaneaterr
Wonderful surreal point and click adventures in a twisted world. (original post)

7. The most amazing piano in the world by @JorgeParras
The most amazing and fun platformer of the year. (original post)

6. Alcazar by @TheIncredibleCo
A sudoku without numbers, simple rules, incredible puzzles. (original post)

5. Offs3t by @MostWrongKing
Restore broken images in oh so many creative ways. (original post)

4. Pursuit of hat 2 by @BigdinoGames
Delicious puzzle platforming to lick your fingers, and maybe pull out a limb or two. (original post)

3. Sokoboros by @TrevNewt
Delightful puzzle script puzzler about a little baby snake about to grow very big. (original post)

2. The earl octopusor by @JoNinetynine
Beautifully crafted point and click adventure in a visually unique style. (original post)

1. Gridland by @continuities
A match-three mechanic invites you to explore what is going on and leads to a fascinating addictive experience, it's my personal number 1 browser game of 2014! (original post)

That's it for my personal favourites of 2014. What were yours? Feel free to add your own top in the comments below!

From the bontegames side, there were 4 new games that hit your browsers in 2014:
25, Piksels, In drmzzz and Pixels for Christmas
and 2 new games hitting your iOS and Android devices:
25 iOS - Android and Sweet Drmzzz iOS - Android.

I hope you enjoyed this list and I'm wishing you a merry Christmas and a very very happy happy 2015 with lots of new games!
This was @BartBonte, digging through all this year's browser games, for bontegames dot com!


tam said...


and thank you, Bart, for so many wonderful years of games and smiles!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the games Bart, love your site! Happy 2015!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Bart and Merry Christmas.
I don't know you but because of your work I feel like I do.

San Pedro California

Jo99 said...

Thank you very much and happy 2015 ! :)

Champagne !

Joyce Grant said...

Your annual Top 10 list is always the best Xmas gift, Bart! Thanks so much for posting all year -- and for picking the best of the best! (Although yours are truly the "best" of the best of the best!) Have a wonderful holiday and a great new year.

OniGirl13 said...

I've only played three of those games, and they were not really my favorites but I'll admit they were good. The games on this site I enjoyed playing were (in no particular order)

2 & 3. the two new Clickplays
4. 2048
5. Nothing to Hide
6. the Parable Polygon Post thingy
7. Scaling the Sky

I also played the games Fearless! and Red Warrior and followed the nitrome-jam.

What did you guys like and what did you think of some of these games?

;) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for your blog and games, Bart!

PK said...

Wait -- how is Alcazar "sudoku without numbers"? It doesn't resemble sudoku in ANY way, unless you consider "there's a grid" to be the defining feature of both games.

aliasup said...

Thanks for sharing your list! I hadn't tried a few of them, I'll probably check them out soon!
Personally, I would put Nekra Psaria 2 together with the first one, and I Was on the Throne and Phoenotopia would definitely be in my top 10. Mirror Isles as well. Otherwise, nothing sticks out in my mind. Gridland is definitely awesome.

OniGirl13 said...

I played the two Miss Libellule games by Jo99 last night and they were amazing! I hope we get to see more.

tam said...

Your game, 25, is still my favourite game of the year (and years to come)!

Me! said...

Thanks Bart! I agree with your list!

Anonymous said...

I like 25!!

Kristen said...

Ooh, the Jo99 games are wonderful. I love your end-of-year list, thank you very much! I look forward to playing the games I missed! (And I have to agree with these people, your games are always the best!)

Yu-chan said...

I really loved Gridland, also my favourite this last year =)

Emily said...

YESSSS Gridland! Though Nothing to Hide definitely would've been one of my top choices


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