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January 31, 2013

the little who

The little who doesn't know who he is or where he is going, but with a little puzzle platforming you will find out in this game by Alex Kershaw and Enotick.

January 29, 2013

super sub hero

Guide a little eskimo boy through a series of puzzles on a quest to save his grandpa in the puzzle platformer super sub hero by Ticklebot.

myosotis: chapter 3

A new episode of the mystery point and click game by Mike Morin: myosotis: chapter 3.

January 28, 2013

simple love

Can you reach the love that is waiting for you in the artsy puzzle platformer simple love by Amidos?

ugly duckling 9

A new week and a fresh point and click exercise for you from Minoto: ugly duckling 9.

January 27, 2013


Click and drag to fold the paper and try to get it to match the outlined shape without going over the fold limit in the puzzler folds by Bryce Summer.

January 22, 2013


Complete the photos by extending and retracting the pieces in the latest puzzler by Yoshio Ishii: PiScal.

January 18, 2013

escape the classroom

You fell asleep after class, so now you have to escape the classroom, the latest escape game by Selfdefiant.

January 17, 2013


You have been charged with the sacred mission to go to the right with the cursor and dragging some words with your mouse: Uirdz, a puzzle platformer by Amalgames.


Saddle up your horse to solve the mystery of Westerado, on old-school Western adventure by Ostritch Banditos.


Teleport yourself and other objects in order to reach the exit of a science lab in the puzzle platformer qoosh by Aethos Games.

January 15, 2013


Help a lost boy find his mother in the puzzle platformer fractured by GroZZleR.

January 13, 2013

ugly duckling 8

Your weekly point and click exercise freshly served by Minoto is here: ugly duckling 8.

January 09, 2013

steppin' stones

Try to place one of the stones in the outlined zone in each level by steppin' stones over other stones in this puzzler by Emiel De Graaf.

January 04, 2013

shapik the quest

Explore the point and click world of Shapik and find his missing sister, solving puzzles on your way: Shapik the quest by Pavel Podberezko. And happy New Year of course!


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