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December 19, 2019

the bontegames 2019 top games

The year is coming to an end and I have been highlighting close to 200 browser and mobile games by indie developers from all over the world again on the bontgames blog. So it's that time of the year to share with you my personal favourites!

Fire up your beloved browser because here comes my first list, the bontegames 2019 top 10 browser games:

10. Goodbye, doggy by Picogram
Help your family deal with their grief in this sweet game. (original post)

9. Hoshisaga Monochromatic by Yoshio Ishii
A new expansion of the 'find the star' puzzle series. (original post)

8. Pip! by Rarelikeaunicorn
Find your way back home to the nest in this retro-inspired platformer. (original post)

7. Pupy World by Sylviefluff
Jump and dig around this sugar sweet world on a platforming quest to please all the forest animals. (original post)

6. VEXT EDIT by Jack Lance
Push everything into place and figure out how to accomplish this in this brain-scratching puzzler. (original post)

5. Tiny Islands by David King
Organize and draw tiny islands to achieve the highest score, each day again. (original post)

4. Temple of the Four Serpents by Ferociter
Outsmart deadly traps and many puzzles to make your platforming escape. (original post)

3. ENIGMASH by Jack Lance
One big mashup of puzzles and a true ode to puzzlescript. (original post)

2. The Tail of the Serpent by Lucas Le Slo
What if Snake was a puzzle game, a devious puzzle game. (original post)

1. 5 Step Steve by Ethan Clark
A crew of kittens needs to be rescued with dozens of puzzles standing in your way and each time only 5 steps to solve them, it's my personal number 1 browser game of 2019! (original post)

And now for the second list, this blog has been covering lots of mobile games too this year so, hand to phone, here are the bontegames 2019 top 10 mobile games:

10. KIDS by Playables
Move with and against crowds until everyone is gone in this mesmerizing playable animation. (original post)

9. Kubrix by Kenny Sun
Complete connections in constructions based on the works of the fictional engineer Stanley Kubrix. (original post)

8. Home Runtaro by Hap Inc
Hit homeruns while enjoying the slapstick humor and quirky style. (original post)

7. Inbento by Afterburn
Solve hand-crafted recipes in this culinary brain-teaser. (original post)

6. Secret Signs by Wouter Walmink
Each puzzle hides a purpose but it is shy to show. (original post)

5. Naboki by Maciej Targoni
A minimal puzzle game about taking things apart. (original post)

4. OXXO by Michal Pawlowski
Group similar blocks because they like each other and discover the ever changing mechanics. (original post)

3. Total Party Kill by Jussi Simpanen
Control three different heroes and solve tricky puzzles by sacrificing your teammates. (original post)

2. Pilgrims by Amanita Design
Roam the land, make friends and help them complete their little stories in a playful adventure. (original post)

1. Song of Bloom by Philipp Stollenmayer
An intense tale about everything, packed into a playful experience in rapidly changing handcrafted art styles, this game is my personal number 1 mobile game of 2019! (original post)

I managed to create a new mobile puzzle game myself this year: Blue and created my first commercial PC release: Factory Balls. For the next year I'm full of exciting new ideas, so I hope to see you back here in 2020! Wishing you all a very happy 2020, this was Bart Bonte digging through this year's browser and mobile games for bontegames dot com!


Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for many many years, but I go through busy spells where I miss a lot due to work. The year end game list is one of my favorite post every year since I always find a game or two in it that I missed. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Top list, thanks Bart, happy 2020!

Nat R. said...

I like the list (I noticed both Lucas Le Slo and Sylviefluff made it again), but I thought Ferociter's August platformer Amidst the Sky was a better, more engaging experience than Temple of the Four Serpents (May), with a world that felt more complete and atmospheric. Admittedly there were some cool inter-room puzzles in Serpents that didn't have any equivalent in Amidst the Sky, but the temples and powerup "tutorials" in that one were very well designed, and it had a very clever use of the concept of stasis which was very different from, say, Breath of the Wild.

Nat R. said...

Oh, also I didn't like Kubrix very much. It went on forever, lost its novelty factor pretty quickly, didn't present any difficult, thought-demanding puzzles, and had no difficulty curve whatsoever. It also used up lots of my phone's processing power.

Eileen Z said...

Hoshisaga Monochromatic was definitely one of my favourite games this year, and I'm glad to see it made the list! This list just reminded me that we didn't get a Neutral game this year, which I'm sad about, but here's to hoping that there's a new one in 2020!

Unknown said...

Hey, I really love all your flash games and I was wondering if you are going to change all of them into html5 since Flash is going away in 2020. It will be a shame to not have the chance to play all of them without flash :(

Anonymous said...

In all these years, there still hasn't been a single "game of the year" as good as 2008's, "You Have To Burn The Rope" Hard to belive I've been reading this page that long.....

Happy new year!


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