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December 13, 2018

colors of your world [browser]

A platformer about the colors of life where sacrifices must be made to progress: Colors of your world created by Timmie Wong and Kat Jia for Ludum Dare 43.

monkey happy stage 245, 246, 247, 248 [browser]

The continuation of the monkey happy point and click adventures by Robin Vencel: here are monkey happy stage 245, stage 246, stage 247 and stage 248.

December 10, 2018

milt [browser]

Everyone likes presents, so do you. You just have to find a way to get to them in the snow in the puzzler Milt by Egor Dorichev.

tiny bubbles [mobile]

Play with squishy clusters of soap bubbles and inflate, mix, match and pop them to complete each level in the mobile puzzle game Tiny Bubbles by Stuart Denman.
The game has been available on the Apple app store as a premium game for quite some time and now it is finally released as a free game on the Google Play store.

December 06, 2018

trails [browser]

Your friends play a puzzle challenge in the snow but they can't make it on their own, they can only do it if everyone works together and helps each other in the puzzler Trails by Matthias Falk.

twinfold [mobile paid]

Delve into the duplicity of duplication in Kenny Sun's latest mobile game Twinfold, a puzzle roguelike with a lot of depth. Merge golden idols and squash angry faces in a labyrinth while leveling up and gaining game-changing abilities.
Get this paid mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

December 05, 2018

black, the browser version [browser]

If you do not own a mobile device on which you could enjoy my latest game, well I have finally made a browser version of the game as promised and you can play it here! This version only has 25 levels compared to the 50 levels of the mobile version (because I dropped levels that weren't suitable for the browser). Enjoy!

December 04, 2018

dropboy [browser]

Sacrifice your movement keys to press buttons and solve all the levels in the puzzler dropboy by Torcado for the 'sacrifices must be made' themed Ludum Dare 43 game jam. (arrow keys to move, shift+arrow to drop/take key, Z to undo, R to restart)

total party kill [browser]

Control three different heroes, use their special abilities and sacrifice your teammates to reach the goal with one surviving hero in the puzzle platfomer Total Kill Party by Jussi Simpanen, created for the 'sacrifices must be made' themed Ludum Dare 43 game jam. (arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to attack, A/S to cycle heroes)

don't trip [mobile]

Your thumbs become feet and you must try to avoid obstacles in this silly walking simulator with a unique input mechanic: Don't trip by Joon.
Get this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.


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