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September 30, 2020

empty. [mobile]

Everything must go until you are left with an empty room in the stylish puzzler Empty. by Dustyroom. Get this free mobile puzzle game from the Apple app store or the Google Play store. (you might remember this game started as a Ludum Dare 37 game jam entry)

September 22, 2020

kokepiyo puzzle [browser]

Guide the chicken out of the fence and overcome all the obstacles with the help of your little chicks in the puzzle game Kokepiyo Puzzle by Puzzler K. (controls: ENTER key to start + cursor keys, to restart a level: press ESC key and choose the second option)

September 21, 2020

kataguruma clones [browser]

Touch all the flags to get to the next level by creating clones of yourself in the puzzle platformer Kataguruma Clones by Yusuke Nakajima.

space museum escape [browser]

Space Museum Escape is the latest escape the room game by Masa's Games. Can you solve all the puzzles to get out?

September 12, 2020

edge not found [browser]

Edge Not Found is a Sokoban-style puzzle game set on an infinitely repeating grid created by Auroriax for the js13k 2020 coding competition.

September 11, 2020

a monster's expedition [download paid]

Alan Hazelden is no stranger for regular visitors of this blog so I'm happy to announce the release of A Monster's Expedition: an adorable and relaxing open world puzzle adventure for monsters who love to learn about humans. Definitely check this out if you enjoyed Alan's previous games! He has been working over three years with friends on this cozy puzzle masterpiece and you can get this premium game from Steam or or find it on Aple Arcade.


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