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December 20, 2013

2013 top 10 web games

It's a tradition here at bontegames to present you my personal top 10 browser games of the year. 2013 was an excellent year for web games, so many good ones to choose from! Here are the ones I enjoyed the most from all the free browser games that were released this year. So fire up your favourite browser and work your way through the bontegames 2013 top 10 list of free web games:

10. Mimou escape by Sylviepouetpouet
Help the cat to escape from its cage in this short but oh so cute point and click game with gorgeous animations. (original post)

9. Daymare Cat by @MateuszSkutnik
Mateusz Skutnik crafted this adorable puzzle platformer in between his many point and click projects. (original post)

8. Foc/us by @FelixJWPark
After going to sleep one day you had a strange dream and picking up the camera will help you find out exactly what that was all about in this arty first person exploration game. (original post)

7. Moon waltz by @ThatMajorBueno
Major Bueno did an awesome job this year by making a game each and every month and this was their monthly game I enjoyed the most. (original post)

6. Heroes of Sokoban by @OstroffJ
Lots of puzzle goodness was created this year with @increpare's html5 puzzlescript engine and this one was an instant classic. (original post)

5. Icarus needs by @merlism
Icarus has fallen asleep playing videogames and you have to find everything he needs inside a surreal dream world in this excellent blend between comic and game. (original post)

4. Simian.interface by Vested Interest
All you have to do is move the mouse to 'align' each level in this wonderful puzzle game. (original post)

3. Leaf me alone by @ClawhammerMark and @autotwitch
A minimalist and cute metroidvania platformer set in a quirky world filled with fascinating creatures. (original post)

2. The queen of snakes by Jo99
A point and click adventure with a visually unique style, beautifully crafted by French artist Jo99. (original post)

1. Samsara room by Studio Maarten
A surreal escape the room game in which you try to find enlightenment, bringing something fresh and unique to the escape the room game genre, it's my personal number 1 browser game of 2013! (original post) (Should you happen to know who's behing Studio Maarten, do let me know! Because I can't find any contact info about them :) Not in their games, not on the internet).
UPDATE: I've been in contact with Maarten! He doesn't have a page or twitter, only a youtube-channel. He was nicely surprised to be on top of this list and promises more games in this style in 2014!

That's it for my personal favourites of 2013. What were yours? Feel free to add your own top 3, 10, 1000 in the comments below!

2013 was also a productive bontegames year with 3 new games that hit your browsers:
Off to work we go, Me and the key 3 and A Bonte Christmas
and two new games hittting your iOS and Android devices:
Factory Balls and Furiosity.

I hope you enjoyed this list and I'm wishing you a merry Christmas and a very very happy happy 2014 with lots of new games!
This was @BartBonte, digging through all this year's browser games, for bontegames dot com!


ThePerson said...


ThePerson said...

I'm sorry, I've just never been first before soooo...

palat said...

Awesome list as always! Going to replay all of these

ThePerson said...

I love all of these to but I think leave me alone would be #1 and Icarus need would be my #2. I just loved mimou escape so that would be #3 and simian.interface would be #4 and moon waltz would be #5 but I don't really know what the rest would be.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, Merry Christmas Bart!

Anonymous said...

Good selection Mr. Bonte!

Stevens Miller said...

Good choices. I would have had a physics puzzler or two, myself. I liked the ones where you have to draw shapes that becomes solid objects, in particular.

Sacha said...

Thank you for finding those wonderful games and sharing them with us. I just love this site <3

Starbeamrainbowlabs said...

Nice choices!

My top 2 would have to be Leaf me alone and Crystal Story 2.

tam said...

Thank you for another wonderful Bonte year :)

Unknown said...

I like your choices, Mr. Bonte, but if it were me I would have definitely put some of your games on that list, :). That, and I thought Samsara room, while a nice challenge, was kind of creepy with the dead body and the shrines and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

@ ThePerson
20 December 2013 15:45,
I agree with you 100%.

Dave said...

The mimou escape theme tune has been in my head all year!

Have to say though, Ending and Candy Box 2 were my faves

So many choices said...

Loved all those games, but also enjoyed (in no specific order):

Yoshio Ishii's Which series
What box?
Escape from 26
Deeper sleep
Backdoor door 1
Minnano hoshi saga
And of course all the great Bonte games :)
I really appreciate the time you put into this site, and into your games. Thanks Bart.
Happy Holidays to all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this Bart, but personally, I think there are a lot of games that should have gone on here instead.

Bart said...

Feel free to add you own list!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bart,

For Marteen, if you go to his YouTube channel you can probably message him through that account to get his email addy.

Anonymous said...

Here's the YT link for him:

Bart said...

Thanks for the YouTube suggestion!

Josh said...

Wouldn't it make more sense to make the list in January because what if you liked a game that came out in later December.

Charlotte said...

I'm so glad you posted these, because I didn't get around to playing all of them this year. Thank you!

Bart said...

UPDATE: I've been in contact with Maarten! He doesn't have a page or twitter, only a youtube-channel. He was nicely surprised to be on top of this list and promises more games in this style in 2014!

anna in spain said...

My personal favourite is always Minoto, after your personal games, Bart. I'm not very good at the mathematical-type puzzles in many escape games. Point and click is more my speed.

I wish I could find more games along the lines of Samorost etc. That was my introduction to the world of point-and-click games and a good one it was, too.

anna in spain said...

And yes, as another poster has said, the Hoshii Saga games are wonderful.

digigender said...

Samasara Room... thought it was boring at first... until I found the key... and then opened the window... it got really freaky...

Unknown said...

Woah. This game is really dark...

Nat R. said...

I guess Maarten's promised games in 2014 didn't happen! Or has he dropped off the radar? There doesn't seem to have been any activity in that Youtube account for 11 months. I'd really like to see another game from him. Samsara Room was amazing.

Bart said...

@Nat: He is now one of the people behind Rusty Lake

Nat R. said...

Oh cool! Thanks for telling me. I guess I really need to play those games... I tried playing one a while ago and got thoroughly confused, and it put me off them a bit.

Nat R. said...

I mean Cube Escape: Seasons. Some escape games really work for me, and that one didn't first time. I just looked at their Twitter and this Roots thing they're doing looks really cool!

Nat R. said...

New Leaf Me Alone link:


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