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June 25, 2021

baba is you, baba is giveaway [mobile paid]

If you're a regular visitor of this blog, then you will certainly be familiar with the superb puzzler Baba is you released for PC a couple of years ago. Well the game just landed on the Apple App store and the Google Play store, and I must say it feels so great to finally be able to play this on mobile. Developer Arvi Teikari was so kind to provide 3 free Android copies for the bontegames visitors, so it's time for a Baba giveaway! Send me an email ( by Monday noon CET with 'Baba' as subject and an innocent hand will pick 3 winners who will receive a promocode to download the game for free from the Google Play store.
Not familiar with this excellent puzzle game? Well, Baba is you, wall is stop, rock is push and flag is win. At least that is the case in the very first level. In each level the rules themselves are present as blocks you can interact with, and by manipulating them you can change how the level works to find a solution. And since there are over 200 levels that means lots of puzzling fun!


MRK said...

Yay! I was just thinking of replaying this excellent, excellent puzzler. I'm not an Android user, but will happily pay to replay, because it's just so good. Thanks, Arvi Teikari and Bart. Good luck, puzzlers.

Yu said...

I'm... sending you an email tomorrow morning O___O I'm super fan of Hempuli and Baba (and Keke and Bug and company!!!). I think I was missing 4 or 5 levels in the game =P

Good luck, everyone, and thank you, Bart!

Anonymous said...

I am curious what % of your followers have Android.

Yu said...

Like 10% of the ppl I know use Apple products, the rest of us are just mortals, anon xD

But I've seen iPhones are really a thing in other countries...

Bart said...

The Baba is you giveaway has ended, a random number generator produced 3 numbers to pick the 3 winner emails, and the replies are out!
Thanks everyone who participated!
I'll definitely try to organize more of these giveaways on the blog in the future!


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