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September 29, 2009


You're in a room, unfortunately the door is locked, can you escape sep.?

titanium chef online

In a remote star system far far away a little Bot pins away with dreams of one day becoming a ChefBot, it's the beginning of the new point and click adventure Titanium Chef Online. Hit the 'play now' button and see where it might take you.

September 26, 2009

squirrel in river

Minoto's weekly point and click game has arrived: squirrel in river.

September 25, 2009

the glean of glob

Is there someone who can solve this mystery and help me find that glean of glob?

feeling fancy

I'm feeling fancy today, how about you?

September 23, 2009

max connect

Connect the connectors and return to the starting point, that's your task in the puzzler max connect.

September 22, 2009

andy - aztec treasure

You have a map, a whip and a notepad and you need to find the treasure, sounds like a new challenge for Andy - Aztec Treasure.

September 19, 2009


MagnetiZR is a puzzle game where you distort magnetic physics to ultimately direct the magnetic ink to the exit.

September 18, 2009

abuba the alien

There's a new point and click adventure by Robin 'pencilkid' Vencel: abuba the alien.

September 17, 2009

time fcuk

Don't mess around with time travel: time fcuk, a puzzle platformer by Edmund McMillen and William Good.

slammer escape

You got stuck in a slammer and now it's upto you to escape: slammer escape, a new Merlin Perez Gore escape the room game.

bear in cage

It's that Minoto time of the week again with a fresh new Minoto point and click exercise: bear in cage.

September 15, 2009

alice is dead: chapter 1

Alice is dead, but who are you? Find it out in the first chapter of this little point and click game.

copy cat

Trade your mouse for a paintbrush in the palette-pleasing puzzler copy cat.

tortuga 3

Mateusz Skutnik presents us a new episode from his pirate themed point and click series: Tortuga 3.

September 14, 2009


Collect all of the gaseous elements in the interesting new platform puzzler protonaut, created by Andy Moore and Greg Wohlwend.

September 10, 2009

escape from blender art gallery

Escape from Blender art gallery is the latest Bianco-Bianco escape the room test. Can you escape?

September 09, 2009


Collect the balloons, avoid the bombs, get the coins, complete the missions and stay calm, that's about all it takes to get your house higher!

the wizard's notebook

The wizard's notebook is a word based puzzle game which uses visual riddles. Can you reach the star in each level and save the princess?

September 08, 2009

ragdoll cannon level pack

Time to practise your ragdoll cannon shooting skills: ragdoll cannon level pack.

headspin: space race

Take a walk through the storybook headspin: space race and test your visual awareness skills against the clock.

monkey climbs

Your weekly point and click exercise provided by Minoto starts now: monkey climbs.

September 07, 2009


Alchemia is a brand new point and click adventure from Springtail Studio, who already brought us the Haluz point and click series.

the walls are not cheese

The walls are not cheese, just shoot your way through to the exit, and don't forget to vacuum up your debris. A short experimental game by Sparky.

September 05, 2009

on the edge

You're on the edge, don't fall down! Get behind your cursor keys and move the red block onto the red tile by removing all other tiles.

September 04, 2009

saunavihta yetis

Reach the hot sauna smokes by clicking the white shapes, it's saunavihta yetis a physics puzzler by Olle Lundahl, the sequal to saunavihta.


Calligraphic is a new 30-level puzzle platformer by Mateusz 'Submachine' Skutnik.

September 02, 2009

andy, the cave of treasure

Andy, the cave of treasure: You have a map along with a packpack, whip and lantern. There is supposed to be treasure at the end of this cave. Can you find it?

vox populi, vox dei

Enter the dark and brutal world of the platform puzzler vox populi, vox dei and try to rescue your girl from a whole lot of werewolves. Warning: a lot of blood will flow.


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