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December 22, 2021

every star needs a tree [browser]

Every Star Needs a Tree in this one-screen puzzlescript puzzler by Toombler. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart)


Riiick said...

This was a great short puzzle! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Took me a bit, but I got it! Happy Holidays!

wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

ha! that was a tricky one!
loved it, well played!
merry christmas and happy holidays!

eszterencs said...

A good one, I really liked it, thank you for sharing!

eszterencs said...

(It is so annoying I cannot edit my post. :-D )

Thank you, Bart, for sharing these games all year long, I really like your blog! Have a nice Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I solved it in three sessions. I feel bad but it was satisfying at the end!

Bill said...

Fun. I was working on the seventh star for a long time, when I finally found it, it wasn't where I expected but it was obvious once I saw it.

Unknown said...
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Yu said...

O feel dumb, cannot solve it xD


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