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December 28, 2013

10 is again

It’s all about making 10s again, but this time there’s multiplication, division, inversion and placement too. Slide numbers together to add them up but try to avoid getting trapped in the puzzler 10 is again by Simon West.

December 23, 2013

pixel room

The latest escape the room game by Kotorinosu will demand a bit of pixel hunting in the beginning but as you make progress the resolution goes up in pixel room.

monkey go happy: xmas time

One final Monkey GO Happy for this year, a Christmas special of Robin Vencel's puzzler: Monkey GO Happy: Xmas Time.

snail bob 6: winter story

Snail Bob comes out of his shell again, this time to save Christmas in this new Snail Bob episode by Hunter Hamster: Snail Bob 6: winter story.

December 20, 2013

2013 top 10 web games

It's a tradition here at bontegames to present you my personal top 10 browser games of the year. 2013 was an excellent year for web games, so many good ones to choose from! Here are the ones I enjoyed the most from all the free browser games that were released this year. So fire up your favourite browser and work your way through the bontegames 2013 top 10 list of free web games:

10. Mimou escape by Sylviepouetpouet
Help the cat to escape from its cage in this short but oh so cute point and click game with gorgeous animations. (original post)

9. Daymare Cat by @MateuszSkutnik
Mateusz Skutnik crafted this adorable puzzle platformer in between his many point and click projects. (original post)

8. Foc/us by @FelixJWPark
After going to sleep one day you had a strange dream and picking up the camera will help you find out exactly what that was all about in this arty first person exploration game. (original post)

7. Moon waltz by @ThatMajorBueno
Major Bueno did an awesome job this year by making a game each and every month and this was their monthly game I enjoyed the most. (original post)

6. Heroes of Sokoban by @OstroffJ
Lots of puzzle goodness was created this year with @increpare's html5 puzzlescript engine and this one was an instant classic. (original post)

5. Icarus needs by @merlism
Icarus has fallen asleep playing videogames and you have to find everything he needs inside a surreal dream world in this excellent blend between comic and game. (original post)

4. Simian.interface by Vested Interest
All you have to do is move the mouse to 'align' each level in this wonderful puzzle game. (original post)

3. Leaf me alone by @ClawhammerMark and @autotwitch
A minimalist and cute metroidvania platformer set in a quirky world filled with fascinating creatures. (original post)

2. The queen of snakes by Jo99
A point and click adventure with a visually unique style, beautifully crafted by French artist Jo99. (original post)

1. Samsara room by Studio Maarten
A surreal escape the room game in which you try to find enlightenment, bringing something fresh and unique to the escape the room game genre, it's my personal number 1 browser game of 2013! (original post) (Should you happen to know who's behing Studio Maarten, do let me know! Because I can't find any contact info about them :) Not in their games, not on the internet).
UPDATE: I've been in contact with Maarten! He doesn't have a page or twitter, only a youtube-channel. He was nicely surprised to be on top of this list and promises more games in this style in 2014!

That's it for my personal favourites of 2013. What were yours? Feel free to add your own top 3, 10, 1000 in the comments below!

2013 was also a productive bontegames year with 3 new games that hit your browsers:
Off to work we go, Me and the key 3 and A Bonte Christmas
and two new games hittting your iOS and Android devices:
Factory Balls and Furiosity.

I hope you enjoyed this list and I'm wishing you a merry Christmas and a very very happy happy 2014 with lots of new games!
This was @BartBonte, digging through all this year's browser games, for bontegames dot com!

December 18, 2013

the everloom

A boy falls asleep one night and wakes up in an enchanted forest floating high above the clouds: The Everloom, an adventure game by Lucas Paakh.

the rescue operation

The latest escape the room game by Gotmail has arrived. Have you got what it takes to escape in the rescue operation?

December 17, 2013

hero in the ocean

Only a true hero like you can save the missing divers in the deep ocean, in the puzzle platformer hero in the ocean by MakMik.


Slide all the circles to the right place to form a box and finish the level in the puzzler toetrix by TacTicTos Studio.

greedy sheriffs

Not all of the sheriffs want to keep order and catch criminals, some of them are looking for jewels in caves: greedy sheriffs, a puzzle game by Vitaliy Vengura, Taras Polouko and Dmytro Strembetsky.


1-2-3-ban is a small puzzlescript puzzler by Alan Hazelden. Can you connect the blocks in ascending order in all 7 levels? (remember R key to restart and Z key to undo in puzzlescript games)

December 16, 2013

a new bontegame: a bonte christmas

Ho ho ho, it's a tradition here every year that I make a Christmas themed game and it's that time again! I'm presenting my Christmas present for you: a brand new bontegame! Enjoy a Bonte Christmas! Can you complete all 16 levels? Spread the word, share the game and merry puzzling! Cheers!

December 13, 2013

amazing escape the north pole

While trying to fall asleep you heard some bells and found a small elf who snapped his fingers. The next thing you know you are at the north pole and of course you have to find a way to escape in Selfdefiant's latest: amazing escape the north pole.

live puzzle 2: christmas edition

Complete all the living puzzles in the Christmas themed edition of Live Puzzle by Pipkin Games: Live Puzzle 2: Christmas edition.

December 11, 2013

neon doors

Can you unlock all 25 doors in the puzzler neon doors by Abroy?


After going to sleep one day you had a strange dream. Perhaps picking up the camera will help you find out some more in the arty Unity game foc/us by Felix Park.


An unknown creature kidnaps Gomo's loved pet and it's your mission to get it back in the point and click adventure Gomo by Fishcow Studio. (note: this is a demo version of a full game)

December 05, 2013

clickplay time 3

The play button has gone missing once more. So it's time to go searching for it in each of the scenes in Ninjadoodle's latest: clickplay time 3.

furiosity, an update

Now that my mobile puzzler Furiosity was released three weeks ago, here's a little update. As you know Furiosity is now available in the Apple, Google and Amazon appstores. First of all I would like to thank everyone who already bought the app and for giving it such a warm welcome, because the average user rating is 4.9/5.0!
Here are some highlights of press attention the app already received: Indie game magazine reviewed Furiosity and rewarded it with a score of 85. Super Game Droid reviewed the app and called it a surefire hit and unique puzzler. Appstore Arcade called Furiosity a very intriguing indie puzzler. Furiosity was also reviewed on JayIsGames and the App Spy, and it was mobile pick on
Some other bonte news: for the moment I'm busy making my usual Christmas game, ho ho ho! Expect a brand new free browser puzzle game, not a sequel to one of my games, but something new... so see you soon with a new bontegame!
Oh, one more thing, if you bought the Furiosity app and liked it, please please please please take a moment to leave a rating and/or review in the appstore! It would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

one scene 6

A room in one scene, but can you get out? It's one scene 6, the latest escape the room game by Robamimi.

December 04, 2013

monkey go happy elevators 2

Monkey go happy is back with more elevators. The mini monkeys lost their xmas toys and need you to find them in Robin Vencel's latest puzzler monkey go happy elevators 2.


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