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December 21, 2007

2007 top 10 web games

2007 was an excellent year for web games, so fire up your favorite browser and work your way through the bontegames' 2007 top 10 web games list:

10. Desktop Tower Defence by Paul Preece
2007 saw a lot of tower defence clones passing by and perhaps this one is the most memorable.

9. Haluz2 by Tomas K.
Charming and surreal point-and-click adventure in true Samorost style.

8. Fold by Joel Esler
Get running, jumping and bending gravity to your will in this unique and original platform action puzzler.

7. Day of the bobteds by Rob Allen
Cute and very well polished ball physics puzzler.

6. Grow island by Eyezmaze
Eyezame further perfected his Grow universe in 2007.

5. Bloons by Stephen Harris
Popping balloons is fun and 2007 was a popping year for Stephen Haris.

4. 3d logic2, Stronghold of Sage by Alex Matveev
Excellent addictive 3d logic puzzle.

3. Bloxorz by Damien Clarke
Oh yes, rolling a block around can be so addictive!

2. Hoshi Saga by Yoshio Ishii
Get hunting for the star in each level of this original puzzler.

1. Sprout by Jeff Nusz
Enjoy the unique paper-cut appearance artwork while trying to guide
a young seedling on its way home. Our 2007 nr. 1.

What were your 2007 personal favorites? Did I forget some really nice ones? Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

2007 was also a productive bontegames year with no less than 5 bonte games that hit your browsers: fields of logic, chicken grow, loose the moose, a bark in the dark and factory balls
Watch out for more bontegames in 2008!


Anonymous said...

Nice collection! Bloons forever!

Anonymous said...

wow i can't wait for more bonte games - you're truly terrific!

Anonymous said...

oh no, so much great games and so much chrissmas shopping to do :)

Spikeyboi said...

I like the fact you chose Sprout to be your No. 1 game of the year; just a pity you didn't wait a little longer and play Anika's Odyssey. It's the next one in the series and a lot, lot better.

Anonymous said...

I think you should have a top ten- list just for roomescape-games, because most of the games here are those kind of games. I think "web-games" is a hopeless list, because there are so many of them.

Merry Xmas, btw=)

Bart said...

Hi Matt, I linked to the wonderful Anika's Odyssey on bontegames, but I personally prefer Sprout. Cheers!

Bart said...

Merry Xmas princezzb! Well I'm here to narrow down that hopeless list :)

Claudia said...

Great list
Bloxorz is the best one...

Anonymous said...

Ok Bart! You are number one on my list. I went and voted. Good luck and congratulations on your nomination and future win! Now, everyone must go to that website and point and click Bart to the finish line.

diseƱo web said...

wow i can't wait for more bonte games - you're truly terrific!

estudio villegas said...

oh no, so much great games!Thanks

Anonymous said...

3d logic was a good game...

Supertrain12 said...

Publish the solutions for Loose the Moose

Jay Mehta said...

Bonte games, actually I heard about it for the first time. I landed on your site while casually googling about games and all. This seems really cool.

white gal said...
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