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December 27, 2022

the bontegames 2022 top games

2022 is coming to an end and I have been highlighting again lots of new games by indie developers from all over the world on this blog. It's a tradition here at bontegames that I present you my personal favourites of the year, so... here we go!
Fire up your favourite browser, here's the bontegames 2022 top 10 browser games list:

10. ROOOM by Neko Donut
Solve the puzzles to align the rooms and make your way out. (original post)

9. Cursed Travels: Below the Factory by Ferociter
Rid a haunted factory from an aggregation of lost souls through puzzling and exploration. (original post)

8. Cyadonia by James Newcombe
Move to the exit on each screen in the definitive version of this old school puzzler. (original post)

7. Boxing up Bamboo by Patrick Traynor
Just put all the pieces of bamboo into the boxes. (original post)

6. Curious Fishing by Rhythm Lynx
Use your trusty fishing rod to reel in catches but think carefully about the path you take. (original post)

5. Ssspicy! by Torcado
Help a hungry snake to eat all the spicy peppers and get back to its home. (original post)

4. N Step Steve: part 2 by Ethan Clark
A crew of kittens needs to be rescued again, N puzzling steps at a time. (original post)

3. Stars Align by MarioMak967
Align the stars, build constellations and head to the flag. (original post)

2. Trace by Colorbomb
You find yourself trapped in a strange place on a sandy moon. Can you escape? (original post)

1. Give Up the Ghost: a puzzle checklist by gate
A superb puzzle game about a ghost that likes to push blocks, it's my personal number 1 browser game of 2022! (original post)

Just like last year I would also like to present you my favourite mobile and PC game of 2022, so here we go, I give you my favourite mobile game of 2022:

Please, Touch The Artwork by Thomas Waterzooi
What happens when you DO touch the artwork? Find out in this cozy puzzler. (original post)

And my favourite PC game of 2022:

Patrick's Parabox by Patrick Traynor
A mind-bending recursive puzzle game about boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. (original post)

And that's it for my personal favourites of 2022. I'm looking forward to hear yours in the comments below!
As for my own creations in 2022, I released the new game Logica Emotica on mobile and PC, and made a big update for Boo! on mobile and published the game on PC too.
For next year I have new projects lined up that I'm very excited about, so I hope to see you all back in 2023 for more games! My best wishes to each and everyone of you for 2023!


Stevens Miller said...

10. Room

Original mechanic. That's always refreshing.

9. Cursed Travels

Just can't get into games you have to read captions or slides to follow. That seems kind of late-'80s. Likewise the whole monochrome-8bit thing, though the artwork here is unusually good for that quirky little subgenre.

8. Cyadonia

I like sliding-block puzzles and this was a good one. Nice job of avoiding no-win scenarios calling for a reset.

7. Boxing Up Bamboo

Lump me in with the other feckless nincompoops who couldn't make sense of this game. I'm sure it's just because the game is more clever than I am.

6. Curious Fishing

8bit again. Not my thing.

5. Ssspicy!


4. N Step Steve: Part 2

Some mechanics make perfect sense, and this was one of them. But solving algebra problems also makes perfect sense and I don't do that for fun. This one just seemed... maybe "overwrought" is the right word.

3. Stars Align

That rare PuzzleScript game that is fun for those of us who tend not to like PuzzleScript games. Some terrific levels here.

2. Trace

Awesome! My personal favorite on this list. Clues made sense, world was rich, and the whole experience was enjoyable.

1. Give Up the Ghost

Surprised to see this take first place. Good example of what it is. Can't see a reason to give it Best of the Year, but this isn't my blog.

Overall, a year of too many PuzzleScript games, not enough 3D adventures. But we always like seeing what Bart has to offer.

iceninexp said...

I used to not like PuzzleScript games a whole lot until I played Remnant Labs.
I am surprised it was not on the list at all. MetroidVania PuzzleScript! Neonesque makes some great stuff.

Some of the other entries...

Any "Step" Steve is always a great puzzle to solve.

Room was fantastic and a whole lot of fun.

Ferociter's Cursed Travels was really satisfying.

Give up the Ghost melted my brain.

Trace was incredible.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Bart! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next :-)

collie said...

So, I know I said this many many months ago, but I think six-sided-streets was the game of the year. For me anyways I did enjoy Room quite a bit, that was fun and not listed but super fun was otteretto, but, for me anyways, six sided streets..... that was a simple masterpiece.

Anyways, THANKS BART for another year (I cant believe how long you've been doing this, wow) of an amasingly curated games list to help kill the downtime, it's been great this year, and every year before, hopefully many more years to come.


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