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May 31, 2016

boxes love boxing gloves

Boxes love boxing gloves is the latest puzzlescript puzzler by Alan Hazelden: try to reach the exit in each level but beware of boxes with boxing gloves... (Oh and like most of his games: the puzzles are hard!)

May 23, 2016

what's inside the box, the browser version

If you don't a have mobile device on which you could enjoy my latest game, well I have some good news: I just made a browser version of the game and you can play it here!
This version only has 30 levels compared to the 100 levels of the mobile version (because it doesn't use any of the mobile capabilities like tilting). If you played the mobile version, you might want to try this one too because not all the levels are exactly the same, and there is something else inside this box :)
I made this browser version to promote the mobile game, so if you haven't done so, you can still get the mobile version complete FREE:

Oh, and about that free version for mobile: If you enjoyed the game, please leave a rating/comment in the app store, it would mean a lot to me, thanks very much! And of course tell all your friends and family to install it as well ;)

May 18, 2016

robot heist

Reach the exit in each level by using the skills of two robots in the puzzlescript puzzler robot heist by Anna Anthropy. (arrows to move, X or space to switch bots when you have two, R to reset the level and Z to rewind)

May 17, 2016

lost ethereal

A short adventure game created for the 'create a game with a 64x64 resolution' lowrez gamejam: lost ethereal by Eric Howard.

May 12, 2016


You can't jump but you can grow in the puzzle platformer theseus by Dan Harris. To finish each level: stand on all exit pads AND don't stand on any blocks without an exit pad!

May 10, 2016


Circles and squares are meant for each other, learn all about it in the puzzle platformer squircle by Wan.

i have brig plans

The battle has been won and prisoners have been taken, now it's up to you to design cells to hold them in the puzzler I have brig plans by Reheated.

May 09, 2016

a new bontegame: what's inside the box?

Yes I'm launching a new mobile game today! What's inside the box? A wooden box is filled with puzzles, 100 puzzles! Now can you solve them all and discover what's inside??? The app is 100% free, so what are you waiting for? Get it now for your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet by clicking your favourite app store below:

You can watch a trailer for the game on youtube here. The game is absolutely free, but it has one in-app purchase 'premium unlock' if you want to support bontegames (It will also remove the ads you see when you ask for hints and adds a skip level button when you can't get further with the hints).
Let me know what you think about the game in the comments, please no spoilers if you discovered what's inside :) Enjoy my new game, spread the word and happy puzzling!

May 06, 2016

nyamo's adventure

Shapeshift into 4 different forms and find all 55 items to complete the puzzle platformer nyamo's adventure by Timmie Wong and Kat Jia.

newton's crates

Push all the crates into place in the puzzlescript puzzler newton's crates by Andrey Shevchuk. (arrow keys to move, Z to undo a move, R to restart a level)


If you are you looking for a solution or a walkthrough for one of the game links, please have a look in the comments.
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