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January 13, 2021

platfoban [browser]

Collect all the coins in each level of the puzzle platformer Platfoban by Adgard. You will be switching between two game modes: platform mode, in which you can run and jump, and sokoban mode, in which you can move blocks.

January 08, 2021

whale room [browser]

Whale room seems like a cozy room, but can you solve all the puzzles to escape in this escape the room game by Migulia?

January 06, 2021

cats on mars [browser]

Play a dancing space cat on a mission to win a dance competition on Mars in the rhythm adventure game Cats on Mars by Jon Topielski, Thoof and Mafgar.

January 05, 2021

steps [browser]

Explore the cursed island, solve the puzzles and find the wings as it is the only way to escape in Steps by Amidos, a short game where you die each time after a certain amount of steps. (controls: arrow keys to move, X key to start and to activate the boots when you found them)

January 04, 2021

door labyrinth [browser]

Find your way through the Door labyrinth to reach the flag in each of the 14 levels of this puzzle game by Taka. (controls: cursor keys to move, Q key to reset a level)

January 02, 2021

chessformer [browser]

The latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Chessformer, a grid-based puzzle platformer with chess pieces.

the exact moment [browser]

The first game of the year is a new (recently translated to English) one from Lucas Le Slo: The exact moment, a short vignette game about fishing and photography, where words are your only way to interact.


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