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January 28, 2022

brandon teaches typing! [browser]

Welcome to Brandon teaches typing! Your one stop source for learning typing, by brandonhare.

milo and the magpies [mobile paid]

Remember last year's beautiful hand-painted point and click adventure by artist Johan Scherft about that cat named Milo trying to find his way home after getting turned around by an unfortunate encounter with some pesky magpies, published by Second Maze, the publishing part of Rusty Lake? Well, Milo and the Magpies just released on mobile too! You can now get this lovely adventure from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

January 27, 2022

please, touch the artwork, giveaway [mobile paid, download paid]

Please, Touch The Artwork by fellow Belgian indie developer Thomas Waterzooi is part Zen-puzzle, part narrative-adventure. While solving chill puzzles, you'll be taken on an aesthetic journey to the origins of modern art.
Please, Touch The Artwork is out now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. (The game is also out on Steam and Itchio but you'll really want to 'touch' these artworks.)
It's exactly the game I want to play on a mobile device, so I can only highly recommend this game. What's more, Thomas was so kind to provide 5 free copies for Android and 5 free copies for iOS for all you puzzle-loving bontegames visitors! So close on the heels of the last one, it's already another bontegames giveaway! Send me an email ( by next Monday noon CET with 'Please touch android' or 'Please touch iOS' as the subject and an innocent hand will pick 10 winners who will receive this excellent puzzler for free!

January 21, 2022

dadish 2 [browser]

You're a radish daddy who's in charge of finding his kids who have gone missing from the vegetable patch in the platforming adventure Dadish 2 by Thomas K. Young (previously only available on pc and consoles).

January 20, 2022

medal room [browser]

Can you solve all the puzzles to escape from Medal Room, the latest escape the room game by Ichima?

January 19, 2022

chessformer, giveaway [download paid]

If you visit this blog regularly then you will certainly be familiar with the free browser puzzle games of prolific game designer Robert Alvarez. Robert even topped my personal browser games list of 2021 with Chessformer, a clever grid-based puzzle game with Chess pieces. In the game each of the Chess pieces moves as expected, but gravity applies, so they fall down after moving.The goal in each level is to capture the opposing king (who is lazy and never moves).
The good news is that Robert expanded Chessformer into a fully commercial release which is available now on Steam!
The developer was so kind to provide 10 free copies for the puzzle-loving bontegames visitors, so it's time for another bontegames giveaway, the first one of 2022! Send me an email ( by next Monday noon CET with 'Chessformer' as subject and an innocent hand will pick 10 winners who will receive a key to download this excellent game for free from Steam. (note: the game is Windows only, so no Mac version)

January 04, 2022

math push [browser]

Create math expressions to open numbered locks in the block pushing puzzle game Math Push, the latest game by Robert Alvarez.

January 03, 2022

conveyor con-fusion [browser]

Build conveyor belt contraptions to navigate the open world puzzle adventure Conveyor Con-fusion, a new collaborative puzzlescript puzzler by Thinky Collective. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart, X key for action, you'll be told when you can use action)

unmask [browser]

Let's start the new year with a bit of searching for suspicious elements in the puzzle game Unmask by Neko Donut.


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