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December 28, 2009

2009 top 10 web games

2009 was again an excellent year for web games, so fire up your favorite browser and work your way through the bontegames 2009 top 10 list of free web games:

10. Music Catch 2 by Reflexive Entertainment
My nr.1 choice webgame of 2008 got a sequel in 2009: more relaxation and excitation combined in a unique game. (original post)

9. Lights by Neutral
Neutral certainly knows how to make a good escape the room game that is pleasing both visually and mentally. (original post)

8. Canabalt by Adam Atomic and Danny B
Sometimes pressing just one button is enough to have the most addictive game. (original post)

7. Fig.8 by Intuition Games
Stylish and original, two keywords that perfectly fit this Intuition game. (original post)

6. Closure by Tyler Glaiel
Excellent and stylish platform puzzler done in a unique way. (original post)

5. Drifting Afternoon by Ferry Hamim
Perhaps the dreamiest timewaster of 2009, but also the most addicting one. (original post)

4. The Company Of Myself by Eli Pülonen
A clever platformer in the company of a gripping storyline. (original post)

3. Windosill by Vectorpark
Vectorpark once more perfected the art of pointing and clicking in interactive landscapes full of strange creatures and surreal details (note: the full version is not free). (original post)

2. Machinarium by Amanita Design
The long awaited point and click adventure from the makers of Samorost (note: the full version is not free). (original post)

1. Don't Look Back by Terry Cavanagh
My number 1 webgame for 2009: a brilliant minimalistic platforming experience that you simply have to play till the very end. (original post)

What were your 2009 personal favorites? Did I forget some really nice ones? Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

2009 was also a productive bontegames year with no less than 3 bonte games that hit your browsers: Me And The Key, Must Pop Words and Full Moon.
Watch out for more bontegames in 2010!


Anonymous said...

Great list of games! Drifting Afternoon would've been my numbder one choice though! ;)

palat said...

Excellent list! :-)

RoseDragon said...

Great games! I played all but I don't like fig8 and closure.

Anonymous said...

Little wheel,Rabbit wants cake,machinarium,full moon,fat slice,click play(s),continuity,10 doors,oozing forever,grow(s). However,thet were all fun!! Thanks again!!

MM said...

Machinarium is my top choice, buy the full version, you won't regret it!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland and Gretel and Hansel

Rob said...

Played all the games posted last year. Keep on going, Bart!
Happy 2010...
(en kijk uit met vuurwerk hé!)

Anonymous said...

"2009 was also a productive bontegames year with no less than 3 bonte games that hit your browsers: Me And The Key, Must Pop Words and Full Moon.
Watch out for more bontegames in 2009!"

Wow; more games in 2009??!?Ambitious!!!

luvbonte said...

I loved ALL your games. Best wishes for the new year.

Bart said...

oops :) typo corrected, of course I ment 2010, thanks.

moooh said...

Thanks for the summarize. I had somehow missed both Company of myself and Don't look back, both of which turned out being great games.

Anonymous said...

Hej Bart - thanks for all of your games and gamehints. I enjoy so to come to your site finding new links for games or some of your puzzling games. For your list - well I don't agree with place one it's just not my style but well - we're all different :D

My best wishes for you for a happy and healthy 2010! Juli

NotMarian said...

Machinarium. And anything by Minoto.

Anonymous said...

i would have to say my favourite was Silent Conversation - I thought that game was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't submachine in this list

Anonymous said...

I loved Machinarium!! Good choice of games :)

Anonymous said...

Variety is the spice of life.


Nat R. said... is down. For Fig.8 use or

Bart said...

Thanks Nat R., link updated!


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