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October 31, 2016

gambling swap escape [browser]

Solve all the riddles and collect all the pieces of the jigsaw to escape in the latest escape the room game by Amajeto: gambling swap escape.

puzzlepops! trick or treat [mobile]

Slide pieces of seasonal candy along lollipop sticks and combine them to complete each pop in this free mobile puzzle game by Layton Hawkes. 'Puzzlepops! Trick or treat' has 25 sweet puzzles that can get very tricky, your perfect halloween puzzler! And if you crave for more, there's a premium in-app that offers even more puzzles.
Download this clever free mobile puzzle game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

October 30, 2016

tsure game 6.4 [browser]

In tsure game 6.4 there's a mysterious white cube with a couple of holes. Can you open it and discover what's inside in this browser puzzle game by Lu Taru?

hidden my game by mom [mobile]

Ok then, let's try those new mobile game links, here comes the first one! Mom doesn't like you're playing your portable video game so she hid it. It's up to you to find it back in each level of the wonderfully quirky mobile puzzle game 'hidden my game by mom' full of gags by Hap Inc.
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store, the Google play store or the Amazon app store.

October 29, 2016

poll results and a new minoto

Thanks for the massive response to the poll! After one day the results are:
76% want to see mobile games on bontegames besides the browser games
70% of mobile games voters want to see only free mobile games
So (free) mobile games are coming to bontegames too and I will try to make a good distinction between browser and mobile games (a separate page is not possible).
And guess who released a new browser game today after a very long time? For old times' sake and silliness, enjoy Minoto's latest: cute duckling 7.
Thanks and on to many more years of bontegames! :)

October 28, 2016

a poll for you

You have probably noticed each month there are less posts here on bontegames. This is not because I have less time to post new interesting browser games, but because there simply are less browser games created than before.
On the other hand, more and more interesting games are being published on mobile. Sooo, I was thinking, after 9 years posting about browser games only, maybe I should start posting about interesting new mobile games on here too. Of course I would keep on posting about the browser games just like before, nothing will change there. You would just see more frequent posts beacuse I would also cover the same type of games (puzzle/interesting) on mobile. But first I would like to hear how you, the bontegames visitor, feel about this.
So please take a second to tick the poll below and/or leave a comment, thank you!

Would you like to see mobile games here on the bontegames blog (besides the browser games)?
Yes, but only free mobile games
Yes, free and paying mobile games
Quotes to Know

October 27, 2016

monkey happy stage 33, 34, 35, 36

Ready for some more monkey happy mini stages? Robin Vencel has made 4 new ones, enjoy monkey happy stage 33, stage 34, stage 35 and stage 36.

October 22, 2016

grow cinderella

Eyezmaze is back with a new addition to his collection of grow games: grow cinderella. Can you find the correct order to let everything grow to maximum level? (note: the game is very loud, so turn down your volume ;) )

October 14, 2016

escape a halloween candy shop

A new escape the room game by Funkyland: solve all the puzzles to escape a halloween candy shop.

October 06, 2016

string theory

Manipulate strings to bring all shapes to the exit in each level of the physics puzzler string theory by TeamSemiColon.


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