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November 16, 2021

doors [browser]

A playful philosophical point and click adventure about doors: Doors by Stefano Gualeni and team.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how many philosophical papers have been written on the fictional world of games! Make sure you click on the details of each door as you find them...
At first I past the point of no return before finding one door, but played it again and unlocked them all.
That was fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Badly stuck, have a keycard and a board, I've seen all doors but 3... but can't do anything new (in particular, can't figure out what to do with the ventilation shaft)


I am stuck at the exact same place. Board, keycard, 3 doors unseen.


I guess you have to check your Door 103 menu again and click on the handle after reconstructing what the door should look like.

Anonymous said...

Ah, wouldn't have thought to click on it, sure

wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

fun! thanks so much bart and stefano :)

Vincent W. said...

Fun game! Thought way too much about doors because of this though XD

Yu said...

Stuck with a magnetic key.

Fun fact is that my man has to do with the FWO too :P

Anonymous said...

In Chrome browser/Windows 10 won't run and gives me 4 errors as follows:

abort ({}) at error:
at jsStackTrace (htpps://

at stackTrace (htpps://

at abort (htpps://

at htpps://

Anonymous said...

Very academic game!

GlowCloud said...

Well, I feel like I learned a lot. So many philosophical papers written on the concept of a door in video games!! Hehe. What a bunch of Door-ks.

If you're stuck, perhaps you need to open the Door 103 menu & try to re-create the missing door from what you've already discovered?

Anonymous said...

I know who did it!
It was Samantha Eve Wilkins from the invincible comic tv. show.
She can erase or create doors at will.
Mystery solved.
(Pats self on the back)


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