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September 28, 2021

don't stop corocco 2 [mobile]

Corocco is a rolling stone that can't jump so you'll have to figure out how the clear the way in the new episode of the quirky mobile puzzler Don't Stop Corocco 2 by Itach Lab. You can get this free mobile game from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

September 26, 2021

betta room [browser]

Can you solve all the puzzles to escape from Betta Room by Migulia? Don't forget to closely examine your inventory by dragging things around.

September 24, 2021

tired to fall [browser]

Glide in an undergrowth full of spikey chestnuts, acorns and cannon-mushrooms as a little leaf that is tired to fall every autumn in the latest puzzle platformer Tired to fall by Havana24.

September 22, 2021

lovot [browser]

Help a robot to restore energy in every room and recharge his friend in the puzzle game Lovot by Neko Donut. (Move around with the arrow keys and interact with the space bar)

September 15, 2021

epolevne [browser]

Make your way to the exit in each level by planning your route to activate all the switches in Epolevne, the latest puzzle platformer by Kultisti.

September 14, 2021

kitsu [browser]

Collect all the hearts so you can open the portal to the next level but you will have to match 3 objects in-line to get to unreachable parts in the puzzle game Kitsu by Fayer and Pato. (Z-key to start the game, move with cursor keys, Z-key to copy, hold X-key to restart a level)

drawstage [browser]

Reach the jewel in each level by drawing extra platforms to overcome traps in the puzzle platformer DrawStage by baba_s_.

September 13, 2021

announcing sugar game [news]

So here we go, it's time to announce my next mobile game: SUGAR game! Experience the soothing puzzling with sugar particles in this modern take on my 'sugar, sugar' games. A new free game coming to mobile soon! You can pre-register the game now on the Apple app store or the Google Play store to receive the game on release day next month (no worries, it's a free game). It was time for a brand new sugar experience, redesigned from the ground up with all new levels, lots of levels, so I hope you'll enjoy this!

10 gnomes in new york [download]

Mateusz Skutnik has lost 10 gnomes again and this time they are hiding in New York. You have to find all of them in his latest (downloadable only) point and click game: 10 gnomes in New York. This is the final game of the series, capping off Mateusz's 12-year-long project.

September 08, 2021

milo and the magpies, giveaway [download paid]

Milo and the Magpies is a beautiful hand-painted point and click adventure by artist Johan Scherft following the story of a little cat named Milo who is trying to find his way home after getting turned around by an unfortunate encounter with some pesky magpies. This downloadable game is published by Second Maze, the publishing part of Rusty Lake and is available on Steam and
Rusty Lake was so kind to provide 5 free Steam copies for the bontegames visitors, because I know you'll love this game! So here we go again: time for another bontegames giveaway! Send me an email ( by Friday noon CET with 'Milo' as subject and an innocent hand will pick 5 winners who will receive a key to download this soothing game for free from Steam.

September 07, 2021

cursed travels: the shattered labyrinth [browser]

Legends tell of strange happenings occurring in and around an ominous mausoleum. One night a familiar investigator and his peculiar looking sidekick enter the mausoleum's graveyard seeking the truth in the latest Cursed Travels game by Ferociter: Cursed Travels: The Shattered Labyrinth.

September 03, 2021

long spear [browser]

Get through the 13 levels of the puzzle platformer Long Spear armed with a spear that can get very long, created by TecoSV for the 'too long' themed 'Tu juego a juicio Jam 2021'.

September 02, 2021

dark light swap [browser]

Light pushes light and dark pushes dark. Switch between the two characters and guide both to the exit in each level of the latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Dark Light Swap. (alternative link)


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