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October 05, 2021

dogs++ [browser]

A puzzle platformer about creating an unstable tower of dogs on your head: Dogs++ by Jezzamon for the 'unstable' themed Ludum Dare 49 game jam. (move with left/right keys, jump with space or Z, switch which dog you are controlling with up/down keys)


Anonymous said...

Much more stable than I expected.
I spent most of my time in the playground making 1 stack.

Anonymous said...

Well that was pretty bad. Solutions were way too loose (you usually had more dogs than you needed), shuttling dogs around beneath overhangs was more tedious than challenging, and the up/down mechanic to switch was poorly thought out (you couldn't even wrap around on tall stacks, annoyingly).

Limiting the number of dogs, tightening up levels, and removing the choice of which dog jumped (always making it the lowest available), but instead giving multiple jumps, would have made for a much more interesting game.

Anonymous said...

Pretty short, but the mechanics were fun, and the design appealing

Anonymous said...

The above comment is right... using the playground to collect one stack is indeed pretty fun

Anonymous said...

It is a cute game! It is fun to read that it is not just me who wants to build one big stack on the playground. :-D


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