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August 08, 2019

kubrix [mobile]

Rotate colorful constructions to complete every connection in Kenny Sun's latest mobile game Kubrix based on the works of the fictional engineer 'Stanley Kubrix'.
Get this free mobile puzzle game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.
(Warning: the game includes flashing visual patterns).


Stevens Miller said...

Not a big fan of this one. First, you can't run it without installing some other Google software that asks you to create an account with them (you don't have to create the account to use the software, but that's not obvious). Second, the game mechanic is hard to use (I kept moving pieces I didn't intend to move). Third, on about the fourth or fifth level, I didn't realize there was a relevant graphic on the screen, because it was drawn in bright green on an also bright green background.

Just too much to cope with.

arrowsandbeats said...

Sigh... was fooled into playing this for almost 20 levels straight until I realized it was by Kenny Sun, who previously developed "YANKAI'S TRIANGLE". The puzzles in this one are also automatically generated which means there's no progression, and you often will see levels functionally identical to ones you've played before, even if they appear different. And this sort of repetitive numbness it goes through is broken up by interstitial ads which only ruin the experience further.

Voodooschaaf said...

Dear Bart,

can u please put in the description a trigger warning for epilepsy.
This was a reall shitfuck episode i got from only three levels.
Holy cow.

Please write a fair warning, thanx in advance.

Bart said...

I'm sorry to hear Voodooschaaf. I have added a warning.


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