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December 03, 2019

jabberwocky [browser]

Join Hiro on his quest to keep his status as the hero of the village and save the local folk from the foretold misfortunes that burden them in the advunture game Jabberwocky created by Polyducks, Rhoq, Robyn and Retrostark for the Lost Cartridge Game Jam.


Anonymous said...

It really boggles the mind to think of all the effort that must have gone into that for something that was just so pointless. I'm annoyed that I "played" all the way through that.

Anonymous said...

the suck of this was incredible.

Anonymous said...

a cute little story with some really spot-on gameboy aesthetics that made me chuckle. the art and sound-design are what really shine through here

TiCKed said...

Um...yeah. That was...something.

Anonymous said...

Was unable to play it with Firefox, said "please rotate".
However once I got it running with Chrome I loved it!
Nice multi-viewpoint ending.

Anonymous said...

Tried 3 browsers, all get to "Press Start" screen where I can toggle "Start Game" and "Credits", then stuck

Anonymous said...

Oops, " Z to interact " :)

Unknown said...

Played on mobile and if you turn the phone off n on then it loses progress


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