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November 12, 2019

tiny islands [browser]

Organize and draw Tiny Islands by turning over the cards and picking what item you want to place and where, to achieve the highest score in this digital 'roll-&-write game' by David King. Each day the deck of cards is shuffled in a new way.


Joel said...

Like this a lot! The first time I didn't realize your island boundaries are permanent, but after that everything made sense. Clean game- I'll be coming back for daily shuffles. :-)

Xexus said...

Played five times and best score so far is 45. How are you all doing? Gotta love games that you have to bookmark.

Anonymous said...

65! wahoo!

Sample said...

53 so far, but I'm pretty sure I can improve that.

Anonymous said...

First run: 0(Didn't understand the rules XD)
Second run: 56
Such a fun game! :)

TiCKed said...

58. Finally started scoring well after I figured out sand likes to be OFF of the island. Doh! ;)

Anonymous said...

They changed the rules a bit.
I only got 53.
Need to reread all the rules I guess.

Anonymous said...

77 with 5 houses surrounding a church.

Yu said...

Oh I love this game!!! Reminds me of Gridland bc it's so different from the average!!!


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