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November 05, 2019

enigmash [browser]

The latest puzzlescipt puzzler by Jack Lance is here: Enigmash, one big mashup of puzzles, a true ode to puzzlescript. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

Auto save feature is nice, until it breaks the game.

Anonymous said...

This one ate up my day entirely, but I 100%ed it. You only need to complete 3 areas to advance, the fourth just nets you the ultra fancy special secret blue X.

recidave said...

Stuck with the 3 rocks in a row! i discover you can build grass but how can it help?

recidave said...

ok got it!

Anonymous said...

Completely stuck with the 3 rocks in a row. Any hints please ?

abi said...

For Anonymous at 12:16

Just remember that you can't
move the rocks if there
are two in a row

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abi.

And suddenly it all made sense and became stupidly easy :D

Marie said...

How do you reach the "ultra fancy special secret blue X" ???

Anonymous said...

@Marie just get all 4 rocks. However your path down to the lower part should have been directly above the blue x, so if your path reaches down to one of the other two squares at the top of the island, you can't get it.

Marie said...

That's what i've been trying to do... but I haven't found the 4th rock :-(

Anonymous said...

There should be one in each area! Did you collect the first one that's hanging around in the top left area?

Sample said...

I'm completely stuck on the room with 5 boxes and another over a wall. I'm pretty sure I need to go over, but I feel like I'm missing something.

Benny said...

Made a silly walkthrough here:

The Great Unknown said...

Thanks, Benny! I didn't know there were other ways to solve some of the levels.

Anonymous said...

Question about the last room.
The last room consists of 6 sections.
Each section turns to black when you switch the trigger and then you lose farther control, unless the trigger is switched from another section.

Though I abandoned, do you think you can trigger all sections and display the entire acknowledge message?


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