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August 06, 2019

oxxo [browser, mobile paid]

Michal Pawlowski is back with a relaxing minimalist puzzle game: OXXO. Group similar blocks because they like each other and discover the ever changing mechanics.
You can try the free demo in your browser here of get the full game from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.


Anonymous said...

Where is the browser version? Link takes you to a video and Google play link.

Bart said...

Try the 'here' link in the post

MRK said...

Wonderful, relaxing atmosphere puzzle game. I enjoy these puzzle games, where part of the puzzle is figuring out the rules. Thanks for sharing, Bart!

Anonymous said...

Ran unusably slowly on firefox (67.0.3 (64-bit) on MacOS 10.14.5) from about level 3/4.

Was fine on Safari.

The Girondin said...

An interesting game, but for me the controls aren't consistant. By some fluke I managed to rotate some of the line connections (levels 13 on), but couldn't work out what I'd done. Not sure if it's my system* or a part of the game.
Anyone else having the same "problem"? What is the trick to the rotation act?
* Windows 7 Home 64bit, Firefox

Gentlecat said...

You can only rotate the line pieces that are on circles, not the square ones.
And the "trick" is just to click them.

The Girondin said...

Thank you very much Gentlecat. I'd been trying to drag and sometimes it worked, but mostlt it didn't. Obviously I must have done a click without realising it whilst trying to drag. Works OK now.

Unknown said...

It was indeed very slow, especially near the end, on Firefox Quantum 69.0.b13(64-bit) on Windows 10, with AdBlock; but on Edge, with no ad blocker (I don't know whether there are any for Edge), it really was unusably slow, to the extent of going backwards almost as often as in the direction I was trying to go! So don't bother with Edge if those are your choices.

jcfclark said...

Relaxing, challenging puzzler. Wasn't counting, but think it's the final level (8?) which has me stumped. (Ran fine on Google.)

tam said...

I liked it until THE END :)
Thank you!


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