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March 26, 2019

temple of the four serpents [browser]

Can you outsmart the deadly traps and many puzzles to find the mythical golden treasure and escape the Temple of the Four Serpents in this platformer by Ferociter?


Anonymous said...

Nice one. The final boss is a vase.

Anonymous said...

A bit too hard for me.
Sorry but I quit.

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something obvious. Stuck in the lower left room trying to move the orange square block through the various doors. I believe it's the third gated section. There is a thin block at the top of the section that must be moved aside to allow the square to descend and when in place keeps the square from returning to the previous area. There is another thin block to the right that can be moved down to allow the square to settle into a notch. From there, I can get the square to descend on top of the right-most thin block, or I can get the square to move left above the panel it clearly needs to descend through eventually, but I don't know how to get it to switch direction at that point or force it into a new position. Anyone care to share the secret?

Anonymous said...

I also got stuck on that have to find some way to force the block to move right into that little notch so it "reorients" and returns to the leftmost wall; once it comes thru the ceiling run around to the right lowering that vertical block and make it slip into the notch before the block returns. I can't figure out why that one was so difficult... the room has markings on the walls, and the area on the right is clearly made to be run around in. Maybe if the notch were slightly bigger it would have been easier.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on that area & restarted the game.
I did all the things you said.
The square never came down the left side & thru the 2nd gate.
I then played around in the 2 right side door areas.
You can't do each area by it'self.
When the multiple buttons under timing pressure got to me I quit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. I finally got it to work, and now I'm seeing why it's both non-intuitive to execute and hard to describe. For anyone else stuck in the orange block room, see if this helps: it's counterproductive to lure the orange square left and then drop the thin block to the right, allowing the square to settle into the notch. Instead, keep the square positioned next to the thin block so that it will reach the floor. Then, it's a matter of running underneath it and the thin block, trying to get the timing right so that the square ascends while the thin block is down, and jump up on the platforms on the right side to lure the square over. You'll know you did it right when the square snaps into the notch and then slowly drifts to the left wall, where it will wait for you to finish off the area.

Nat R. said...

Done! Didn't have any trouble with luring the multi-directional Thwomp, I learned what worked by trial and error. The only spot where I got stuck was in the lower-right room because I forgot about the obvious clue in the other room for how to proceed. (That part also required some trial and error.) I think it was pretty intuitive in most places, and where it wasn't, trying things helped me figure out the rules eventually. Had some quality platforming too!

Rebecca said...

This was wonderful. I'm coming back now to play it through for the 3rd time.

Joel said...

Cool puzzle platformer! I wasn't expecting it to be that intricate. Got stuck a few minutes before seeing you need to bounce between the rooms, but otherwise fun times. Nice difficulty too: tricky in spots but not irritating. And just a shade under 1 hour. ;-)

Unknown said...

how do i beat the one with a disapearing floor

Unknown said...

im starting to get mad


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