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December 02, 2019

escape game dango [browser]

The latest escape the room game by Nicolet is all about chasing a bird that took fox's hat: Escape Game Dango.


Anonymous said...

That was fun! Nicolet's games seem to be getting bigger and bigger, which is a good thing.

I had to resort to a walkthrough on the sun/moon/flower/etc. puzzle. I still don't understand the logic behind that one.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant puzzles and artistry. Super cute adventure.
Thanks for such an awesome free game.

Xexus said...

Two of the sun/moon puzzle clues are found by clicking the white square in front of each statue, but you'll need the clues on the incense cups (in the building) as well.

Anonymous said...

Very good, I liked it a lot! Thanks Bart!! :)

Nathan K. said...

Adorable and fun! I love how it tells a story. I had trouble with the very last puzzle; I couldn't remember the characters clearly enough.

Anonymous said...

I never figured out the 4 "do not enter" code's clue.
Also had to do it before finding the "moon/sun" mixer clue sucked!
Everything else was great fun.

Anonymous said...

chrome won't let me play :(

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Some of the best games this year are from Nicolet.

Anonymous said...

Is this browser? It seems like the link goes to a download.


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