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January 02, 2020

where is 2020? [download]

Where is 2020? Well it is hiding somewhere in Mateusz Skutnik's traditional New Year's game and you can download it for Windows, Mac or Linux. Here's to a happy 2020 filled with many wonderful games!


Anonymous said...

As always, an excellent game, thanks a lot and happy new year!

Stevens Miller said...

His platformers almost always include a level I just can't do. When I played enough of this one to realize it was mostly a platformer, I stopped before risking the frustration yet again. Wish he'd stick to the puzzlers and egg-hunt forms. Platformers almost always prove too hard for me.

TiCKed said...

Not a good "platformer" either....but I did get through this one. No penalty for failure, except to try-try-again.

Tip to the stupid (like me): You CAN shoot in both directions with Q and E(?) I kept trying to change my shot by changing the direction I was facing, and only ended up shooting left (Q). Impossible THAT way. ;)

Stevens Miller said...

Thanks, TICKed. With that info, I may try a bit more. But even without a penalty, that "try-try-again" is what ruins so many games that require timed jumping for me. I'm 61. Don't have time for try-try-again, you know?


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