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February 04, 2019

pip! [browser]

Collect the 10 feathers scattered around the island until you have enough strength to flap back to your nest in the platformer Pip! by Rarelikeaunicorn (arrows to move, Z or C to jump/flap, X or V to hop/dive)


Rogerup said...

Great short game.

Anonymous said...

Press c to flap & x to flop.
I was working my way to the area far bottom left.
My route was going mid top & over left side.
I had all 10 feathers & the game ended.
Is there a hidden area & does it have an Easter egg ?

Anonymous said...

This is a cute little game! I found a small bug, though. If you jump against a wall or ceiling, sometimes your jumps will be refilled. I used this to sequence break at a few spots.


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