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May 02, 2018

hat wizard 2 [browser]

Use your hat once more to outsmart foes in another Hat Wizard adventure: Hat Wizard 2, a puzzle platformer by Tim Commandeur. Move with the cursor keys and hit the Z key to use your hat.


chefsinger said...

Cool, the sequel is better than the first! This hat switching mechanic has a nice strategic twist and the developer has done a good job making puzzles for it. Thanks again Bart!

PK Levine said...

MUCH better controls than the first, a huge improvement that made this game very fun. Man, that penultimate level (the "elevator" one) was hard.

Only complaint is that you can't skip the stupid boss dialogue in the final level! I died more than a few times due to a short or long jump, and it was really annoying having to 'Z' through the same text boxes every single time.

Anonymous said...

Great concept, but this guy needs a skilled level designer.

Sample said...

Great game, but kind of anti-climactic and there's no reward for picking up the pages. (Yet?)

Rebecca said...

I love this game! I'm replaying it over and over just to hear the awesome music.

Unknown said...

Hat Wizard dev here. Thank you very much for playing the game :)

If you like the music, you could check it out on soundcloud:

The pages will have something to do with the underworld. If you want to know more about the upcoming underworld you could take a look at the dev blog.



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