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August 22, 2018

islands [browser]

Nine islands that form one interconnected puzzle need to be solved in this hardcore puzzlescript puzzler: Islands by Rosden Shadow. (Z-key to undo a move, R-key to restart a level)


palat said...

Omg, I'm gonna need some serious help here. I can only do one. I suspect that the next thing I should do is try and remove all the grey bricks, but howwww?

Long Peter said...

So far:
To block the yellow switch on island 8,
you need to get island 4 and 7.
4: Use the teleporter to get an extra stone on the island.
7: Use the teleporter to get a stone.
-- Place the laser stone on island 9 as far down as possible, where you can still move it up.
-- Now the laser shoots the black-wall on 7, second wall from below.
-- Move the stone to the target.
Go back to 8, move the left stone on to the switch.
Move the laser stone on 9 in to the teleporter,
Solve island 1.
Now you can move the stone in 7 on the yellow switch to the blue switch.

Somehow you need to free the laser stone on island 3.
I don't have a clue how.

Sample said...

This is amazing!!! Exactly the sort of thing I've wanted out of Rosden and it's so clever too! Every island is special and needs at least one solution from what I saw.

If you haven't played this, I can't recommend it enough.

Anonymous said...

Long Peter, I'm not sure yet, but you can push the Laser block all the way to the right on 6 to free the laser block on 3

Anonymous said...

For those having trouble, here's a clue: Get the pink stone on the middle island free by any means necessary, then play around with it. You may see things change elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

Managed to finally beat it. Another clue for those having trouble, it is impossible to have both the yellow and the blue button pressed at the same time, so don't waste time trying to do so.

Long Peter said...

Also got it.

Nice game.

Some Hints:
To free the laser stone in 3: push other laser on the edge of 6. (as ano says).
You only need 2 lasers to free the tone in 5.

The pink stone in 5 links to the position of the teleporter.
( First tries I solved island 5 to fast, but you need to leave free to move around)

To get the stone on the edge on 2; Use the stone in 5 to place the teleporter on it.

For island 3 and 6 you need to move the teleporter also.

Anonymous said...

FYI it is possible to have both the yellow ad blue buttons pressed at the same time. I did this to solve it

Unknown said...

With the help of the comments above, I've solved all but island 6, but I think I still solved 5 too soon and saved afterwards, so I'll have to start again (maybe I'll draw a map) ...

Even with the stone on island 5 free, I can't see how to solve 6 without having both buttons pressed (can't move the portal that far), which the most recent Anonymous says is possible, but if I solve 8 in order to release the second stone there, I can't see how to get the original button-presser back from that shoreline. I also couldn't see how to free the stone on 5 without trapping a laser stone in a position I can't get it out of even by moving the portal.

Is anyone who's finished it still reading? Hint on 6 in particular? I think I have to use a laser stone as the target-sitter on 9, so I guess that and 8 are last.

Unknown said...

I've got it!

I did draw a map, using the causeways to line up the islands, and it revealed some very useful things I could do with a laser block on island 2. Also, there's a patch of island 2 that only exists when the portal is on it, which explains some earlier confusion.

I wonder why one of the yellow doors disappears and stays disappeared whereas all the others reappear when the switch is uncovered?

Siobhán Long's sister said...

Most of these comments don't really help because nobody has stated which island is 1 and which is 9!


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