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December 04, 2018

total party kill [browser]

Control three different heroes, use their special abilities and sacrifice your teammates to reach the goal with one surviving hero in the puzzle platfomer Total Kill Party by Jussi Simpanen, created for the 'sacrifices must be made' themed Ludum Dare 43 game jam. (arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to attack, A/S to cycle heroes)


Anonymous said...

I love this game! Well done.
Reminds me of an old 3 viking game.

Anonymous said...

I can't even get past the second level, yikes. Any help for my ridiculous self?

Anonymous said...

Never mind!

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck at level 14

Anonymous said...

Excellent game. They made friends along the way!!

Mornak said...

I feel like I cheat on level 14. Spoiler! I piled up the 3 heroes with the mage in the middle and the ranger in the top. With the mage I jumped repeatedly and it was like flying. Then swiftly change to the ranger, jump and reach de door.

Is any other way of passing that level? I didn't have to sacrifice any member of the party


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