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December 17, 2018

detiled [browser]

Jump from tile to tile in the short puzzle platformer Detiled by Stuffed Wombat.


Anonymous said...

Not bad, controls are quite sensitive.
Took quite a few tries to manage the last level.

Hey mister robot can you pump out a new game every day?

Kiel B said...

That was awesome. I agree about the sensitive controls, but it was still manageable. A great balance between platformer and puzzler.

The Gordo said...

I rather enjoyed this one.

Thank you, Bart!

Anonymous said...


Calli Arcale said...

Seems like a nice game, but it's a pity it shakes so much; it triggers my motion sickness. Couldn't stand more than a few levels.

PK Levine said...

Nice! By the end it got just hard enough to be challenging and a bit frustrating, but never seemed hopeless or pointless. A great way to waste a few minutes. :)


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