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July 15, 2018

little dragon adventure [browser]

The evil Chiro Empire has captured all of the other dragon eggs and it's your job to save them in the metroidvania-style platformer Little Dragon Adventure by Mush.


akroe said...

I finished it but does anybody know how or where to input the sequence you get when finishing?

It seems like DOWN DOWN LEFT DOWN RIGHT but I might be mistaken

chigley said...

Love the game so far but unable to find the last key :-(

Anonymous said...

Pretty lackluster overall, but the thing that really makes it go from a mediocre game to a bad game is how the gun shoots when you release 'x' and not when you press it. When you want people to jump and shoot with such janky controls to begin with, you can't do stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Akroe: You'll have to refresh the page, and then do the sequence on the title screen before you press X. When you do that, the flames on the screen will turn green - then you can begin. Not going to tell you what's different, though... it is quite the challenge :P

PK Levine said...

If anyone is thoroughly lost, or closed the ending screen too quickly, here's a screencap of the last screen that includes a completed map:

Cy said...

i thought it was up up up left down right? but yeah, input it on the title screen.
i really really loved this one. super cute, and a little easy for my taste, but the second campaign was incredible. really really fun. also nice effect that when enemies are killed they explode into their pixels.

chigley said...

Any clues for the second game please? Map? Where to find keys? Going round in a loop att he moment lol

Nat R. said...

I beat Challenge Mode without the dash power-up. So few checkpoints around that area, so many skeletons, and the power-up isn't even that helpful. Definitely more of a fun challenge, you really get to hate all those gray skeletons and the blob-things. The idea of putting the weapon far away from the start was a good one; it allowed me to perfect my avoidance skills, which are often more helpful than actually firing.

As for people who are lost or going in circles, I found that the map eliminated all that for me; just keep careful track of where you are and look for the spots you still need to explore. Most importantly, keep trying and don't give up if an area is too hard! You can always visit another area and come back later.

Raaa said...

Excellent game - loved it and reached the end which rarely happens to me!! :o)


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