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July 23, 2018

a walk in the night [browser]

Walking at night you find some attractive ruins with some puzzles for you to explore: A walk in the night, the latest puzzle game by Lucas Le Slo.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bart :D

Lizzie!! said...

Nice puzzler...made it all the way through. They either got easier towards the end...or I got smarter. =) Thanks, Bart!

TiCKed said...

I rather enjoyed that. Anything that isn't timed, and where mistakes are allowed, and dexterity isn't required, is OK by me. (I'm old and feeble). :)

Joel said...

I like it, the music and echo-y effects sound nice on headphones. And the puzzles aren't half bad either. :-)

Andy said...

Me too, TICKed. My reflexes were never great, and now they're worse than ever. I've come to despise what I call "twitch" games.


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