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July 13, 2018

chogue [browser]

When the enemy king escapes down some stairs at the beginning of the game you can already tell this is not going to be a regular chess game: Chogue, a cross between chess and a dungeon crawler, the latest game by Pippin Barr and Jonathan Lessard.


Anonymous said...

well I thought was winning. but more queens popup.

Anonymous said...

This is too hard, they hide in the dark & jump over walls.

GrumpyPrimate said...

too much chess, not enough crawler.

Nat R. said...

This is a pretty cool idea, but all it's taught me so far is that I'm still bad at chess even when it's not chess. Also, you're not required to move against a check? And no castling at the beginning? Shame.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be no benefit whatsoever to capturing pieces, and no end to the game in sight...the only meaningful actions are to collect "gold" (the brown squares) and to increase your army by "capturing" brown pieces and converting them (though it often seems to fail to work). So the goal seems to be to get to the stairs ASAP while avoiding capture, not necessarily to capture pieces that you've discovered. Exchanges are then nigh universally bad
1. Nf3 Ke9 2. Ne5 d6 3. Nxf7 d5 4. Ne9 seems a surefire way to leave the opening board without losing a single piece.

Rooks make great scouts, and bishops are effectively useless except as exchange fodder. Not sure about knights.

Check doesn't register, so you can get sniped first move by distant queens.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, it appears that you aren't allowed to ever have more than 16 pieces. In which case, go ahead and sacrifice those bishops for any purpose whatsoever, just to clear space for sweet pawns!

Emily said...

I enjoyed it. And I made it back to the light! (after an embarrassing amount of tries)

Anonymous said...

I finally captured the king, now I have to make it back to the light?? Any idea how many levels that is??


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