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July 04, 2018

illiteracy [browser]

Can you decipher what is going on in the abstract puzzler Illiteracy by Lucas Le Slo?


Kaden Vanciel said...

Can anyone help?


You need to get all the symbols the same (6 times - all symbols all the same). Once you get all 8 symbols to be the same, a "big" symbol "lights up".

Little spoiler:
Each symbol has different properties of changing other's NOT based on the standard game of where position 1 changes something, position 2 changes something else. It depends on what the symbol is.

Here is what I have come up with. I haven't gotten all the logic of all the symbols yet, but here is what I have:

DOT: Clicking on the dot changes the symbols on both sides of the dot. The dot won't change when you click it.

HOURGLASS W/3 DOTS: This will change (rotate) all symbols to the LEFT of it ONLY if clicked on positions 1, 2, 3, or 4. Clicking on an hourglass in position 3 will change #1, and 2. Positions 5-8 will change all the symbols to the RIGHT of the hourglass.

SQUARE WITH TRIANGLE AND 3 CIRCLES ON OUTSIDE BOX: Will change the symbol to the RIGHT of it 1 time only.

COMPASS LOOKING SYMBOL (CIRCLE WITH LINES) - Will change the OPPOSITE symbol based on position. 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5

ZIG ZAG WITH CIRCLE ON BOTTOM - Will change 2 symbols equidistant from it - it will change the 2 symbols at the maximum distance it can.

OTHER SYMBOLS - not sure yet.

This should help though!

Clicking on the symbol itself will NOT change the symbol.

Xexus said...

Thanks Stormvise, that was helpful :)

Joel said...

Now this is a well done, cool puzzle game! Satisfying to figure it all out and love the clean sound effects. :-D

Anonymous said...

I got so obsessed with this game that I wrote a computer program to solve it in the least possible number of moves.


Let's label the 6 icons A through F.

A: Solid dot
B: Small square, diamond inside, three dots outside
C: Hollow circle with some lines
D: Three dots in a row with two funnels projecting from the center dot
E: Three horizontal lines with two other lines and a dot
F: Rounded-cornered square intersected by 2 diamonds and 3 dots

Most of the icons Rotate other icons. That means that they change an A to a B, a B to a C, C to D, and so on, and change an F to an A. Always in that order.

There are 8 places, let's number them left to right, 1 to 8.

Here's what the icons do:
A: Rotate the icon immediately to the left and right.
B: If not on the end, change the icon immediately to the right to be same as the one immediately to the left (do nothing on the ends).
C: Rotate the mirror image (if in position x, rotate 9-x. e.g. 1 rotates 8, 2 rotates 7, and so on.)
D: Rotate all of the icons between this one and the closest end. (e.g. 3 rotates 1 and 2, 5 rotates 6, 7 and 8. The ends do nothing.)
E: Rotate the closest end, and also the position which is the same distance in the opposite direction. (e.g. 1 does nothing, 2 rotates 1 and 3, 3 rotates 1 and 5, 5 rotates 8 and 2, 7 rotates 8 and 6, etc.)
F: Each position rotates another position with this pattern: 1->5, 2->1, 3->6, 4->2, 5->7, 6->3, 7->8, 8->4. In other words, the odd positions go to (x-1)/2+5, the evens go to x/2.

Here are the minimum move solutions. There may be others just as short, but none shorter.
A: 23223355766
B: 663234567
C: 145555235435468
D: 3666663432755
E: 13333344644
F: 42241534848

That was fun!

Anonymous said...


The cycles associated with F (from Anon, above) aren't random: If a symbol is (x)th from the left, it is (9-x)th from the right. Since exactly one of those is even, it's unambiguous which one to choose to get a halvable number, so regardless of position, position x always maps onto position x/2.

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

Yay, I'm literate! (no hints)

Fun game! :)

Door4 said...

What a fabulous little game!
Enough of a puzzle to keep you trying to work out how and why things are happening.
THANKS to the creator
Thoroughly enjoyed it

Would love to see more from this creator

Nat R. said...

I'm happy to say that I figured out all the symbol patterns and lit up all the big ones without looking at the extensive explanations above. However, I was left feeling rather unsatisfied without any conclusion or obvious "You reached the goal!" point. It would be nice if he made that more obvious, but I guess that would conflict with the free exploration philosophy...

A computer program actually makes a lot of sense for this game. It's hard to determine the rules involved or explain them, but it would be easy to code them. It would also be cool if this thing acted like a keypad; you either had to get it into a certain configuration of symbols to unlock, with a different starting point each time, or you had to light up big symbols in a certain order. Maybe a clue to this could be in the starting lineup, making it harder to crack for someone who didn't understand.

Nat R. said...

Well, never mind about the conclusion, I just discovered it.


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