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August 12, 2008

t2b escape 2

Some fine new point and click escape the room entertainment has arrived: t2b escape 2.


Jere said...

Cant get the key...and cant find the PC battery

Anonymous said...

Jere, I'm in the same boat. Have quite a few of the items. And I have a funny feeling that we need to open one of the locked draws to find them.

Anonymous said...

Got the Red key. You need to combine a couple of things. String helps...

Anonymous said...

can't someone leave a walkthrough?

Marte said...

I'm not getting anywhere.. I got some stuff, but I don't know what to do with them..

I got:
Three boards, one orange, one red and one violet
a measure
a magnet
a coin
a battery

Help me?

Anonymous said...

got a pen - inserted battery and turned on - used to view into the box with pink lid (after using the measure to remove the bear board) - ended up with a green square. What now?

riiki said...

stupid game. there's no use for the few things that you find during the pixel hunt. and use the bear board (after clicking it a little) on the top drawer (pink).

Margalicious said...

arg!i can't put the battery in the pc! help please

Neenah13 said...

battery goes in the flashlight

Neenah13 said...

Dont understand the bookmark ???

Alex said...

I don't even have a flashlight or a PC.. where do i find them?

Anonymous said...

how do I know what to play on the xylophone?

Midge said...

The flashlight is by the front door, bottom left. click it, then insert battery.

Midge said...

Hey marte, use the ruler to remove bear on pink storage box, then use the bear head on one of the drawers, the top one since it's round.

lolmaster said...


I don't know what riiki is talking about, all items I found were used.

There is some pixel hunting involved. Be sure to click around everything and notice small details and you should be fine.

Anonymous said...

1. Lift left pillow for Magnet.
2. Click on plant to zoom in, collect the Orange Board from the top leaf and click the bottom edge of the pot for the Measuring Stick.
3. Click on the dresser and click the top part to collect the Wooden Stick.
4. Zoom all the way out so you face the couch and click the bottom part of the screen. Collect the white rectangle to pick up the Bookmark. Click on it to flip it and remember the order of the colors and the direction of the arrows for later.
5. Click the green book. Remember that this little alphabet thing is there and the animals that go with it.
6. Zoom out so you’re facing the couch again and turn right. Use the Measuring Stick to pry the Bear Board from its place. Turn it over.
7. Turn left again, zoom in on the dresser, and place the Bear Board into the pink drawer. Return to the screen with the chest.
8. Zoom in on the xylophone. Remember that there is some code to be used here. Click on the plant next to the xyplophone and pick up the Coin.
9. Zoom out so you face the chest again and click the right curtain like a madman. Collect the Violet Board. Turn right.
10. Click on the bottom left corner of the door to collect the Pen Light. It needs a battery. Remember the “flogs” are here. Turn right again.
11. Zoom in on the sliding doors and click the lower left one. Collect the Red Board. Click the left side of the top left door and grab the Wider and click the stopper so you can open the door next to it for the Strange Machine
12. Click on the sunflower bud to zoom in and grab the Battery in the plant next to it. Zoom out all the way.
13. Zoom in on the clock. This puzzle is for the first “flog”. I found that the best way to do this is to remember the animals in order for the up arrow first, go back to the book under the desk and write down what letters matched those animals, then went back for the second set and repeated the process. In any case, you should come up with I, U, D, Q, H, A. Write those down. Zoom out all the way.
14. Go back to the screen with the chest in front of it. Click the small arrow by the Pen Light to examine it. Click the lighter part of the light to open it. Insert the Battery. Close it. Press the button on to of it to turn it on. Use it to get the Verdant Green board from the opening in the middle.
15. Return to the screen with the couch and go back to the table. Click the area underneath the table to reveal the little “docking station” for the train. Put the coin in the slot and write the code down. This is for the xylophone puzzle.
16. Enter the code 6,4,2,3,5,1 while you have the Stick selected onto the xylophone. Examine the magnet and combine the Wider with it to get Magnet With String. Zoom in on the hole under the xylophone and use it to collect the Red Key.
17. Use the Red Key to open the pink door and get the Plant Strong and the PC Battery. Finally!
18. Go to the PC and put the PC Battery into the slot by zooming in on the upper left hand corner of the laptop. Enter the code IUDQHA and press Enter.
19. Go back to “flog” one and enter the code into the Strange Machine. Press the green button to turn off the lights. Turn back to the picture that had nothing on it. I think you know what to do now. Press the green button to turn the lights back on.
20. Enter the code into the PC and open “flog” two and collect the Bear Board. Turn it over.
21. Put the Bear Board into the blue door. *sigh* Now we must find the Blue Key.
22. Use the Grow Strong on the sunflower bud. Oh, what a pretty flower. This will allow you to open the bottom right door and get the Blue Key. Fairly easy.
23. Open the blue door to find a strange picture and the Yellow Key.
24. Insert the colored boards by looking at the ones already on the picture. When you mix the colors in the columns, they turn into a color one of your boards represent. The order is Orange, Purple, Verdant Green, and Red.
25. Go back to the desk and click under it to reveal the train. Collect the Bear Board and turn it over.
26. Return to the yellow door and open it using the Bear Board and the Yellow Key. Collect the Green Key.
27. Use the Green Key on the main door and you’re out!

Anonymous said...

That was a difficult game! I would never gotten out if it wasn't for the walkthrough :P

Lynn said...

Has anyone tried playing T2B Escape (not 2 but the first)? I'm stuck. I have a lot of objects but no keys to unlock anything. I'm trying to play the instrument under the table but I can't figure out how to get the water into the pitcher. Any suggestions?

Bart said...

Hi lynn, maybe you'll find some useful hints in the t2b escape 1 post:

Thanks to anonymous for the walkthrough :)

Jenedee said...

hello neenah13! Thank you for the help!?

viole said...

sorry, but: where is the blue key? the sunflower is blossom...but i can't find this blue key :( this game make me mad!

Anonymous said...

Definitely thee most complicated point & click game in a long time.

Midge said...

Don't understand part of the walkthrough....
"Click the left side of the top left door and grab the Wider and click the stopper so you can open the door next to it for the Strange Machine"

I don't get does this work?

sss said...

midge, even i can't understand this "Click the left side of the top left door and grab the Wider and click the stopper so you can open the door next to it for the Strange Machine"

can some one help me....

Lupina said...

Click just beside top cupboard (it is under the clock) on left, to get side view – take wider (string) and push the stopper. Now you can open right hand door of top cupboard to get “a strange machine”

Lupina said...

Good game. Not so hard, but very good.


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