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August 08, 2008

escape the den

What was that? Ow, my head hurts so much, oh I see I just need to escape the den.


Anonymous said...

first :) looks good :)

Unknown said...

i got a metal rod, a screwdriver, a green key and a shaking orb!! I'm stuck

Unknown said...

i found a hair dryer and a green capsule...

Anonymous said...

J'ai la barre de métal, le tournevis, la clé bleue, la clé verte, la balle rebondissante
Mais je n'arrive pas à ouvrir les tiroir du bureau !!!!

Anonymous said...

vincent, were are you found the hair dryer and the green capsule please ?

Anonymous said...

woohoo i am out good game

Anonymous said...

Where's the hairdryer and what do you do with the blue key??

This is hard!!!

Anonymous said...

aide pour ceux qui parlent francais : utiliser le baton de metal sur l'étagère à livre pour trouver une capsule verte . Ensuite trouver un sèche-cheveu à gauche de la bibliothèque et utiliser le sur le bloc blanc pour trouver un code . utiliser ce code sur les tiroirs du bureau et inséré la clé bleu ( que vous avez noralement trouvé cachée dans un coin du calendrier)... voilà ceci pourra vous aider
Help(Assistant) for those who speak francais: use the baton of metal on the shelf to book(pound) to find a green capsule. Then find a sandbank-hair to the left of the library and use on the white block to find a code. Use this code on the drawers of the office(desk) and inserted the key blue (that you normally found hidden in a corner(place) of the calendar) here is this can help you

Anonymous said...

where is the blue key??
is the screwdriver in one of those draws?
help please!!

Anonymous said...

the blue key is on the left corner of the calendar

Anonymous said...

thank youuuuu!!!

ahem and the screwdriver?
im rele crap at escape games lol but i cant get enough of them!!


Anonymous said...

1. Get hook under computer desk.

2. Click on computer screen. Note number shown. Move this panel aside to see another number below it. (See The Codes below if you need more help.)

3. Get screwdriver at the lower left of computer screen (hard to see.)

4. Click on calendar next to computer desk. Add up the three numbers (See The Codes below if you need more help.) Click on upper left corner of calendar to get the blue key.

5. Go right twice to face bookcase. Use hook on top shelf to get green capsule. Click lower left of bookcase. Get hair dryer. Click on panel to the upper right of bookcase. Use hair dryer on panel and note picture revealed. Click on outlet at lower right of bookcase. Use screwdriver on outlet cover. Get green key. Note drawing (See The Codes below if you need more help.)

6. Go left once to face desk with lamp on it. Click the top and bottom drawer knobs (like picture revealed in previous step.) Use blue key on keyhole on top of desk (left side.) Click on thing that comes out of desk. Enter 4-digit code. Get pink capsule.

7. Go right three times. Open closet doors. Get book in lower right of closet.

8. Go left twice (back to the bookcase.) Place book in bookcase inbetween a couple of books. Press switch on this book to reveal panel. Click panel. Open panel with screwdriver. Click big red ball. Wait for countdown to complete. Get orb.

9. Go right twice, back to the closet. Click on box in closet. Place two capsules in slots. Click on lever to pull it down.

10. Go right once. Use green key on panel. Go in hidden room. Place orb in opening. Click on keyboard below opening. Enter 5-digit code. Get gold key.

11. Go to exit door and use the gold key. You’re out!

Anonymous said...

Computer screen: 10736 - 1111 = 9625 (4-digit code)

Calendar: 20 + 84 + 30 = 134.

Outlet: Calendar x 123 = 134 x 123 = 16482 (5-digit code)

Anonymous said...

loved it, but I didn't like my own stupidity ruin it. some obvious things can be surprisingly hard to catch. thank you for the walkthrough(s).

unt qwer changed for a better name:

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to explain the math for the calendar, please?

yes, I see code, but I don't understand how one gets 20.


Anonymous said...

and mr Bart, how come you never informed us of Mateusz Skutniks 'ten gnomes' project??

Anonymous said...


googy said...

For the first number on the calendar. Ten minus five, multiply by two, divide by one half.
When you divide by one half, you are actually going to multiply by two. SO:
10-5=5, 5x2=10, 10x2=20.

Bart said...

Hi riiki, well I didn't find the ten gnomes as interesting as Mateusz other games.

Anonymous said...

hello what part do i click on of the desk i cant get hook


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